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Nova Esports

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[e][h]Nova Esports
Team Information
Approx. Total Winnings:
Organization: 2016-06-01
: 2016-09-??
Placement Summary

Nova Esports is a Hong Kong mobile-based Esports organization. Their mission statement is Competitive excellence through community-driven values.

Nova Esports have also successfully expanded into a variety of other major titles in Vainglory, Arena of Valor, PUBG Mobile, Brawl Stars, Overwatch and FIFA Online. Nova is the most internationally diverse eSports Organization and has representation in every major e-sports market in the world.


Nova Esports was initially founded by Anthony Yeung and his management team of Francis, Trevor and Richard, later bringing on others who share their passion for the game, including Matthew and Steven. Nova was created as a top clan family in Clash Royale in May of 2016, and quickly grew to big heights.

After enormous success in game, Nova made the transition to become a true competitor by establishing itself as an esports organization in September of 2016. Since then Nova has continued to dominate the competitive scene of Clash Royale.

In 2018, Nova Esports was honored as the top 10 most influential esports clubs by Tencent Esports.

Their biggest wins include: Clash Royale League 2018 China Spring Season, China Fall Season, World Finals, Clash Royale League 2019 China Spring Season and China Fall Season.


  • September 29th - Nova Esports merges with Elite Esports and Clash With Ash[1]
  • November 6th - Nova Esports recaps Clash Royale pro team players presence in North America, Europe, Latin America, Asia and Rest of the World.[2]
  • February - Nova Esports announce their roster for Clash Royale League China - Aaron, Lciop, Au1, Legend and Tali join the team.
  • April 28th - Sergioramos:) joins Nova Esports for Clash Royale League.[3]
  • July 21st - Nova Esports welcomes Little Chen into their Clash Royale team.[4]
  • August 1st - Nova Esports welcomes Karnage into their CRL team.[5]
  • January 1st - Unstoppable's contract with Nova Esports ends.[14]
  • March 13th - Nova Aurora joins Nova Esports.[15]
  • July 15th - Nova Esports welcomes ♠️CRSUX♠️™️.[16]
  • July 15th - Nova Esports welcomes Auk and D.King.[17]
  • September 19th - Nova Esports welcomes Cgx .[17]
  • October 8th - Nova Esports International Limited is acquired by Imperium Group Global Findings Limited, a Hong-Kong based company and is now renamed as Nova. AY officially resigns as owner.[18]

Player Roster[edit]

Active (CRL)[edit]

IDNameJoin Date
China Lciop 
(Chenghui Huang)
Chenghui Huang
Join Date: 
China Littlechen
(Zexiong Chen)
Zexiong Chen
Join Date: 
United States ♠️CRSUX♠️™️
Join Date: 
China Cgx
(Boyu Dun)
Boyu Dun
Join Date: 
China D.King
(Mengchao Sang)
Mengchao Sang
Join Date: 
China Auk
(Hanbin Li)
Hanbin Li
Join Date: 
China Rain
(Wenrui Wu)
Wenrui Wu
Join Date: 

Active (Clash Royale)[edit]

IDNameJoin Date
China Nova Aurora
Join Date: 
China Johnson
Join Date: 
China XiaoK
(Kai Lin)
Kai Lin
Join Date: 
China Whistle
Join Date: 
Hong Kong Aaron
(Haonan He)
Haonan He
Join Date: 
Taiwan YaoYao
(Chengyao Cai)
Chengyao Cai
Join Date: 


Former Players
IDNameJoin DateLeave DateNew Team
United States Unstoppable
(Joseph Shen)
Joseph Shen
Join Date: 
Leave Date: 
Spain Karnage
(Jorge Bailon Correa)
Jorge Bailon Correa
Join Date: 
Leave Date: 
2019-04-?? [9]
paiN GamingpaiN Gaming paiN Gaming
China Auk
(Hanbin Li)
Hanbin Li
Join Date: 
Leave Date: 
2019-03-16 [8]
LGD GamingLGD Gaming LGD Gaming
Vietnam Legend
(Huỳnh Đức Huy)
Huỳnh Đức Huy
Join Date: 
Leave Date: 
2019-03-16 [8]
KIX TeamKIX Team KIX Team
Vietnam Tali
Join Date: 
Leave Date: 
2019-02-18 [6]
KIX TeamKIX Team KIX Team
Mexico Sergioramos:)
(Sergio Eduardo Ramos)
Sergio Eduardo Ramos
Join Date: 
2018-04-28 [3]
Leave Date: 
SK GamingSK Gaming SK Gaming



ID Name Position Join Date
China TBD Cheng Ting Kong Chairman & Executive Director 2020-10-08[18]
Canada Trevor Trevor Lawrow Co-Founder
Hong Kong BoBo Bobo Chan Chief Operating Officer Unknown
Turkey OKTAY Director of Esports Unknown
Vietnam CA Calvin Director of Esports Unknown
China TBD Senmao Lu Head Coach 2018-07-??
China Even Manager Unknown
China Nova Aurora Analyst 2020-07-31[19]
China XiaoK Kai Lin Analyst 2020-07-31[19]


Former Organization
ID Name Position Join Date Leave Date New Organization
Hong Kong AY Anthony Yeung Owner 2020-10-08[18]
United States Clash With Ash Tim Evans Director of Content 2017-09-29[1] 2019-10-21[13]
Canada Nite Light Matthew Jones Director of Esports Unknown 2019-08-05[11]
China Sean Guang Jin Coach & Manager Unknown 2019-??-??

Premier Titles[edit]


2020-12-065th - 8thS-TierClash Royale League 2020 World FinalsClash Royale League 2020 World Finals2 : 3
paiN GamingpaiN Gaming
2020-11-011stS-TierClash Royale League 2020 East Fall SeasonClash Royale League 2020 East Fall Season3 : 1
2019-12-075th - 6thS-TierClash Royale League 2019 World FinalsClash Royale League 2019 World Finals0 : 2
2019-07-207th - 9thS-TierWorld Cyber Games 2019 CRL InvitationalWorld Cyber Games 2019 CRL Invitational0/-/1Grp S.$10,000
2018-12-011stS-TierClash Royale League 2018 World FinalsClash Royale League 2018 World Finals3 : 1
Vivo KeydVivo Keyd
2018-10-281stS-TierClash Royale League 2018 China Fall SeasonClash Royale League 2018 China Fall Season3 : 2
EDward GamingEDward Gaming
2018-07-291stA-TierThe Ani-Com and Games Hong Kong 2018The Ani-Com and Games Hong Kong 20183 : 0
ahq e-Sports Clubahq e-Sports Club
2018-06-031stA-TierClash Royale League 2018 China Spring SeasonClash Royale League 2018 China Spring Season3 : 1
2017-05-201stA-TierClashWarsClashWars7 : 5
Reddit AlphaReddit Alpha
2017-01-271stB-TierClan Royalty Championship SeriesClan Royalty Championship Series2 : 0
Extended list of results


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