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Liquipedia has a few set standards of file sizes and types for different uses.

Legacy Pre-2021 Standards[edit]

(The format for explaining width and height will be WxH where W is the width in pixels and H is the height in pixels.)

Small League Icons
These images should be 100x100px, (the old standard was 25x25px and then 50x50px but was updated for retina displays).

Overview of 2021 Changes[edit]

  • Team logo “std” files are being phased out entirely and should no longer be created.
  • A single unified file is going to act as the logo for team templates and team cards going forward.
  • Logos for both the darkmode will be uploaded along with logos for our current light theme.
  • File naming standard is being clearly specified and enforced.

Team Logos[edit]

Image/Canvas Size[edit]

  • The canvas size must be at least 336 pixels wide and should be at least 672 pixels wide.
  • It is recommended to make the shorter side of the canvas at least 1000px — A lot of TOs and Teams source logos from us.
  • Keeping the shorter side to a round number such as 1000px (as opposed to 996px) is also recommended.
  • The logo must must fill the entire canvas with no empty space ("whitespace") on any sides.
  • The only exception to the above rule is for the purpose of centering a logo on the canvas (Sharks Esports example below).
  • The canvas must be fully transparent outside of logo itself (i.e. no background colors or graphics).

Correct Examples[edit]

Incorrect Examples[edit]

Light/Dark Background Suitability[edit]

  • Logo color scheme/variant must be suitable for the applicable background color (light dark/dark mode/both).
  • If the primary color/variant is suitable for both light & dark modes then it is recommended to use that variant for both.
  • If not, you must use the applicable colors/variants of the logo for the respective theme.
  • If no variant exists for one of the themes, you should attempt to invert the logo's incompatible elements (e.g. invert white to black for dark mode version).
  • Please ignore canvas sizes/padding for examples below, they are only to illustrate color/variant correctness.

Correct Examples[edit]

Incorrect Examples[edit]

Primary vs Textless Variants[edit]

  • Logos uploaded for use in the team templates extension must not include any optional logotypes (text) and should only be the logomark (icon) of the team.
  • The only exception to the above rule is if the logo of a team is solely a logotype (text logo) or if the logotype is not optional and integrated into the logomark itself.
  • The full primary logos (usually logomark + logotype, but not always) of teams should also be uploaded separately if they are different from the logo described above.
  • The primary logo should only be used on team pages in the infobox and the textless (if applicable) logo must be used everywhere else.
  • Please ignore canvas sizes/padding for examples below, they are only to illustrate the two different logo types.

Textless/Icon Logos[edit]

Primary Logos[edit]

File Type & Naming Scheme[edit]

  • Files must be uploaded as MIME type image/png and with file type and filename extension .png
  • There are currently no exceptions to the above rule, but this may change in the future.
  • The filename must conform to the following style: Full Team Name_Historical Suffix_Theme Identifier_Logo Type.png
  • There must be a space character or underscore (they will be coverted all the same) between each term in the file name.
  • The terms are explained below:
    • Full Team Name – The full and correctly capitalized name of the team.
    • Historical Suffix – Suffix denoting historicality of the logo; must match historical suffix of team template (optional for non-historical/initial logos).
    • Theme Identifier – Label specifying whether logo is for both themes (allmode), the light theme (lightmode), or the dark theme (darkmode).
    • Logo Type – Label specifying whether logo is a textless/icon logo (to be left blank) or a full primary logo (to be labelled full).

Correct Examples[edit]

  • Team Liquid allmode.png
  • Team Liquid 2020 allmode.png
  • Team Liquid 2020 darkmode.png
  • Ninjas in Pyjamas darkmode.png
  • Ninjas in Pyjamas allmode full.png

Incorrect Examples[edit]

  • Liquid lightmode teamcardimage.png – Not full team name; incorrect logo type label; should be Team Liquid lightmode.png
  • MIBR new infobox.jpg – Historical suffix is poorly named; incorrect logo type label; wrong file format; should be MIBR 2018 full.png
  • MIBR dark std.png – Theme identifier is wrong; using retired "std" logo format; missing theme identifier; should be MIBR darkmode.png
  • MiBRlogo darkmode.gif – Team name wrong capitalization; erroneous "logo" stuck to team name; wrong file format; should be MIBR darkmode.png