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The CurrencyExchange extension is meant to provide easy access to exchange rates. The data is sourced from the Currently the following currencies are supported within their respective valid date range:

The source of the extension's data contains occasional gaps. In order to mitigate this, the extension will attempt to automatically search for a relevant data point for nearby dates. If the gap is too large, the extension will error out.

Usage of the extension is fairly easy. There is both a parser function and a Lua interface available. The functions have 4 parameters:

  1. amount the value of the original currency (a number)
  2. base_currency the original currency abbreviation (as one of the allowed currencies from above)
  3. converted_currency the currency you want it converted into (as one of the allowed currencies from above)
  4. date (in the form yyyy-mm-dd, if the chosen date is in the future, the extension will use today's date)
 {{#currencyexchange: 1 | 2 | 3 | 4 }}

Note that the date given can be partial, as long as it is in one of the following formats:


The date will then default to the last day in the given range.

An example call could look something like {{#currencyexchange:100|USD|EUR|2018-10-29}} and would return 87.727. The Lua version works fairly similar, the same call would look something like local convertedValue = mw.ext.CurrencyExchange.currencyexchange( 100, 'USD', 'EUR', '2018-10-29' )

In case of an error, the parser function will provide an explicit error message. The Lua version will instead return false.