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Liquipedia is an open project founded by Team Liquid with the goal to preserve and document all of esports history as an unbiased and factual source of information, to present this information in an accessible and easily digestible way on our own site and make it available to be shared with and across all esports communities.

We are a source for new and avid esports fans alike to check on minute-to-minute updated tournament results and player transfers, to read up on team and player histories, find previous results and statistics, and game related content (such as characters, items, mechanics, and patch information).

Liquipedia is a crowd sourced project which is edited, maintained and updated through volunteer power. These volunteers dig through websites and internet archives, gather information from streams and social media, and share their acquired knowledge from being part of an esports community. These contributors help mostly directly by editing the wikis, or indirectly by informing or brainstorming with other contributors on Discord how things could be improved. As Liquipedia is an open platform, everyone is welcome to contribute almost no matter what you want to or are able to contribute with. The only thing that is needed is to be logged in.


Liquipedia was publicly announced on June 5, 2009 as a StarCraft: Brood War strategy wiki. The wiki had been under development for about 20 months with a team head by Plexa and its launch happened on June 7, 2009 including 300 pages covering various different strategies and different third party applications to assist users. The page amount grew quickly to 700 pages within only three weeks after the launch.

Along with these pages the team working on the wiki at the time announced they would focus in expanding their coverage to add player bios, information about leagues, teams, and reports for matches.

At the time the staff consistent of New Zealand Plexa, United States cgrinker, United States GHOSTCLAW, Canada mikeymoo and Germany Aesop, the latter one assuming the head position starting October 2009.