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Romanization of Names[edit]

Many players from foreign countries have names written in their own script. There are varying standards on how these names are then transliterated into Roman characters.

For this, we've set up a quick overview on the best practices when it comes to transliterating names of people from different countries. With these transliterations also comes the order of family name and given name. For more details, check here.


Player Name in local script Romanized name Explanation
China Chalice 杨沈仪 Yang Shenyi * For Chinese names, the first character is usually the family name, followed by either one or two other characters which make up the given name. For names that consist of two characters, they are combined to make one name. So, as an example, 沈 (Shen) 仪 (Yi) would make Shenyi, so do not make it Shen-Hi, Shen-hi, or ShenHi
Taiwan Maple 黃熠棠 Huang Yi-tang * The structure works similiar to mainland Chinese, however for Taiwan the given name is split up by a hyphen (-)
Hong Kong w1nter 李其進 Lee Kei-jeun * Hong Kong also follows the hyphen structure, similar to Taiwan
Singapore Iceiceice 许培祥 (Daryl) Koh Pei Xiang * Singapore and Malaysia split each character into its own word. So all spaces, no hyphens, and each name is capitalized
South Korea Faker 이상혁 Lee Sang-hyeok * For this romanization, the given name (the last two characters) are strung together with a hyphen, with the second character not being capitalized


When transliterating names (both to Roman or their original script), avoid using Google Translate, as this might give an inaccurate result. Ideally, check with someone native, see what's used in articles, or check with the player themselves as to what should be used.
The player also has a more final input in which name is correct (as it should match what is "officially" registered).

For transliterating names from other scripts that aren't in the example, stick to the above practices. For scripts that are used in multiple countries, such as Cyrillic, follow the country's specific romanization standards (unless a player confirms it is different than that).

Usage of Full or "Short" Names[edit]

Within the Infobox on a player page, a player's full name can be entered. This includes all middle names, as well as the complete official first/given and last/family names. On all other instances where a player's "real name" is used, the short variant should be used, which typically consists of the given name and family name.

Player Full Name Shortened Name Notes
Netherlands chrisJ Christiaan Willem George de Jong Chris de Jong * In this example, Christiaan is the official given name, but Chris is the name that's used to refer to chrisJ
* Willem George are seen as middle names, and de Jong is his last name
Brazil FalleN Gabriel Toledo de Alcântara Sguario Gabriel Toledo * In this example, Gabriel is the preferred given name, and Toledo the preferred last name for the "short version"
Denmark dev1ce Nicolai Hvilshøj Reedtz Nicolai Reedtz * In this example, Nicolai is the given name, and Reedtz the last name, with Hvilshøj being the middle name
Vietnam KillerS Nguyễn Văn Thiện Nguyễn Văn Thiện * Vietnamese names are a small exception; while "Văn" is the middle name, popular usage remains with including the middle name (as part of the given name)

When using the introduction sentence on a player page, we use the structure of <first name> "<nickname>" <last name>. So, as an example from above, Christiaan Willem George de Jong becomes Chris "chrisJ" de Jong.

Finding the Short Version[edit]

Sometimes it's not clear what the preferred first name and/or last name can be. To find out which should be used, you should ideally look what's predominantly used across media, or ask the person in question directly.

Name Order[edit]

Within different countries, there are some differences in the order in which the names are presented. The order of given name, family name is the Western name order, and is usually used in most European countries and in countries that have cultures predominantly influenced by Western Europe.
The order family name, given name is commonly known as the Eastern name order and is primarily used in East Asia.

Western Order[edit]

The Western order of given name, family name is the one that's most predominantly used across Liquipedia.

Eastern Order[edit]

The Eastern order of family name, given name is one that should be followed for countries that predominantly use this order. This includes the following countries:

China China
Taiwan Taiwan
Macau Macau
Hong Kong Hong Kong (Unless a Western name is known)
Singapore Singapore (Unless a Western name is known)
Malaysia For Chinese Malaysian names
Mongolia Mongolia
South Korea South Korea
Vietnam Vietnam
Cambodia Cambodia
  • Japan Japanese names are usually "switched" when people who have such names are mentioned in media in Western countries. Since this is still predominantly the case, Liquipedia also follows this order.
  • The same applies to Hungary Hungarian names. For Western media, they are also put into Western order.
  • For countries such as Hong Kong Hong Kon, Singapore Singapore and Malaysia Malaysia, the Western name structure is followed when a person has a Western name.
Player Full Name Shortened Name Notes
Vietnam NORT Nguyễn Quý Đức Nguyễn Quý Đức * In this example, Nguyễn is the family name, Quý is the middle name, and Đức is the given name. For Vietnamese names, the middle name is included in the given name for Liquipedia input (e.g for NORT, it would still come to be Nguyễn "NORT" Quý Đức)
China JackeyLove Yu Wenbo Yu Wenbo * In this example, Yu is the family name, and Wenbo the given name
South Korea Ras Song Hong-gyun Song Hong-gyun * In this example, Song is the family name, and Hong-gyun the given name
Mongolia ANNIHILATION Nyamdorj Tuvshintugs (Нямдоржийн Түвшинтөгс) Nyamdorj Tuvshintugs * In this example, Nyamdorj is the patronymic, name, and Tuvshintugs the given name
Japan shoh Shota Takita Shota Takita * In this example, Shota is the given name, and Takita the family name
* In this case as mentioned, the Japanese naming order follows the Western naming order

Updated infobox parameters[edit]

The naming part for infoboxes would look like the following:


As some examples for both names that follow a Western and Eastern order:

|name=Christiaan Willem George de Jong
|familyname=de Jong
|romanized_name=Chen Po-han
  • When only the romanized name is known, leave the |name= input field blank and fill in |romanized_name=
  • When a given/family name only is two words, please still fill out |givenname= and |familyname=
  • Simply only use |name= if there is no need for a romanized name (since the country's script is already in Roman)