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Stéphane "Psymon" Sineau is a french Mario main in Smash wii U and Smash Ultimate from Nice, France.
Stéphane is a fan of the smash saga since melee and arrived late in the competition, it is only at the end of smash 4 that he started the competitive scene by placing top 16 in his first tournament in Marseille : ShieldBreak.

During his 2 years of activities in the competition he made some notable results in tournaments in the South of France. Despite his rare travels in smash-related events, Psymon was able to climb quickly in the French power rankings.

He joined the team Dawns Esport on May 10, 2019 alongside Reiko and ThisNeko and won some local tournaments usually placing top 1 to 8 whether in Nice, Marseille, Bordeaux.



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Wii U[edit]

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Nice, France[edit]


France Ultimate Season 1 150th
Nice Ultimate Season 1 7th


*During his debut, Psymon made a remarkable set against Mykka a Duck Hunt player who was shared by youtube channel YEET SMASH

  • Psymon won his first tournament organized by Twilight of the Gods at the 5th edition of the Marathon of the video game, which included 64 participants. The tournament ended at 5am.
  • Psymon won his second tournament organized by Gamers Generation in Bordeaux during the Japan convention in Rives. A tournament with 32 participants.
  • Psymon won his third tournament in Nice at the opening of the Roxor Café, a small tournament with 20 participants.
  • Psymon won his fourth tournament organized by LaxFly Game Tournament Laxfly at Mouans Sartoux during the event: Replay. A tournament with 64 participants and a Switch Lite to win.
  • Psymon was able to take one game in 1 vs 1 against Shido, one of the best Mario in France in team tournament during Azureum : Solary Circuit.
  • Psymon won the double tournament with WooxTom organized by Nintendo Sunshine during the convention: MangameShow Fréjus Summer Edition 2019