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Documentation for the Liquipedia bracket system (also known as match2). This guide aims to explain the system to both users and developers. If you are confused by the guide, or find your questions unanswered, please mention it in Discord!

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What's different?

  • Brackets use a completely different code structure.
  • There is no more distinction between solo and team brackets.
  • You should no longer copy brackets from another tournament page.
  • Wikis do not have their own brackets anymore. Brackets are now shared across wikis.

How do I find brackets/matchlists?

Go to the bracket register. If the bracket is not available, reviewers can access the Bracket Designer and create new ones.

You can also generate the structure you need, just go to the generator for your specific wiki. This will even generate the bracket ID for you!

Wiki Bracket Match List Single Match Documentation
brawlstars Generator Generator Generator N/A
dota2 Generator Generator N/A N/A
halo Generator Generator Generator Here
leagueoflegends Generator Generator N/A N/A
pokemon Generator Generator Generator N/A
arenaofvalor Generator Generator Generator Here
mobilelegends Generator Generator Generator Here
rainbowsix Generator Generator Generator N/A
rocketleague Generator Generator Generator N/A
starcraft Generator Generator Generator Here
starcraft2 Generator Generator Generator Here
valorant Generator Generator N/A N/A
wildrift Generator Generator Generator Here

Just can't figure it out? Just ask in Discord!


The wikicode below is the equivalent to the old {{8SETeamBracket}}. Important to note is the |id=. This is where you fill in the bracket ID. A bracket ID must be unique and must be 10 random letters/numbers. The system will warn you if the ID is wrong. Note that the generators above will generate an ID for you!


<!-- Quarter-Finals -->


<!-- Semi-Finals -->


<!-- Final -->


<!-- Third Place Match -->


How do I fill it in?

All new matches are wrapped inside Template:Match:


See the template documentation for more details.

How do I link brackets?

If we want to link matches from different places in a bracket, e.g. specify that the loser of a match will go to the losers bracket, we need to set the following parameters (whichever is applicable):


Simply set the parameter with the correct round name (e.g. R1M4). If we want to link between brackets (e.g. qualifier and playoffs on the same page), we need to add two more parameters (or however many are applicable):


Specify the bracket ID to these.

I'm a developer

I want to add the system to my wiki

See the wiki-specific setup.

I want to help improve the system

See the developer's guide.