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2018-11-05 Patch

[e][h]November 5, 2018 Patch
Patch Information
Release Date:

Release Notes[edit]


  • Halloween has come to a close. Thanks for celebrating with us!


  • Added clinch marker to the timeline. The timeline will now show the earliest round at which the match can end, and which team can win the match on it.
  • Scoreboard player stats now support any number of rounds. Player stats will no longer reset every overtime.
  • Added more stats to Demolition and Flying Scoutsman.


  • Biome and Subzero have been added to Competitive Matchmaking!
  • Cobblestone:
    • Removed Halloween decorations
    • Removed cover in corridor leading to B plat
    • Added lore to A site bombtarget
    • Opened up windows from B halls towards site
    • Re-enabled boost on B site
    • Lowered cover in headshot position in Long A
    • Reduced amount of coffins
    • Increased amount of wood barrels
    • De-spookified cbble loading screen
    • Exorcised and dusted the cbble radar

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