2018-12-14 Patch

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[e][h]December 14, 2018 Patch
Patch Information
Release Date:
  • Danger Zone Changes

Release Notes[edit]

Danger Zone[edit]

  • Adjusted tablet buymenu drone delivery weapon prices.
  • Ammo boxes now dispense a quarter of their contents each time they are used, and can still be shared with squadmates.
  • Reduced the duration required to arm explosives on the safe, and added alert to warn the arming player when they remain within the blast radius.
  • Removed the parachute from blue tool crates. They will still appear loose in the world.
  • Reduced spawn point selection timer duration.
  • Added armor to blue tool crates that previously only contained a helmet.
  • Slightly increased the number of Shotgun, SMG, and Pistol crates in the world.


  • Fixed a case where players would see an extra “Starting match…” message.

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