2019-02-25 Patch

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[e][h]February 25, 2019 Patch
Patch Information
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Release Notes[edit]

Katowice 2019[edit]

  • For a limited time Katowice 2019 Viewer Pass is available at 50% off.
  • Two days remaining to make all your Champions Stage Pick’Em predictions including grand final winner and get your gold coin.
  • Fixed souvenir redemption button showing up for ‘Downloaded’ matches in the Watch tab. Souvenirs can be redeemed from the ‘2019 IEM Katowice’ Matches tab.

Danger Zone[edit]

  • Added “auto-fill squad” option for Danger Zone games and made all games to have squads of two players. Deselecting the “auto-fill squad” option allows players to play solo for additional challenge.
  • Spectators can press alt+number to select spectator targets with numbers greater than 10.
  • Squads now show their number and color on the overview map for spectators.
  • Number keys now select Danger Zone squads and not individual players.
  • Spectators can cycle squad members by pressing the same squad number key or “minus” key (this feature is toggled with sv_dz_spec_group_teams).
  • Next and previous spectator commands will now group players in Danger Zone squads consecutively.
  • Players on a Danger Zone squad show their spectator panel colored to their squad color.
  • Updated the Danger Zone squad colors to work better overall with the overview image and make them easier to see.
  • Player eye lines in spectating and other elements are now colored to match their Danger Zone squad color.
  • Fixed spectator cameras selecting cameras that were over 2000 units away from the target.


  • Abbey:
    • Fixed floating flower
    • Fixed drawing distance on few props in middle area
    • Changed texture in the underpass for better visibility of CT models
    • Added clipping on the ramps to prevent weapons being dropped there
    • Added smooth clips
    • Removed pixel angle on B ramp from Ivy
    • Fixed z – fighting in the house on B bombsite
    • Fixed collision on crate model
    • Added painting
    • Renovated library
    • Fixed some models not being rendered in water reflection
  • Biome:
    • Can now jump on crates at A
    • Improved visuals on high settings
    • Reduced bombsite explosion radius
  • Zoo:
    • Visual improvements
    • Fixed several bomb stuck spots
    • Swapped swat vans for generic vans
    • Removed an invisible brush blocking grenades at Aquarium T side double doors
    • Improved movement through hole in rocks at the back of Seals balcony
    • Rotated Seals infoboard at mid
    • Disabled collisions on ceiling beams at mid
    • Removed hiding spot below Lemur treehouse

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