2019-03-07 Patch

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[e][h]March 7, 2019 Patch
Patch Information
Release Date:

Release Notes[edit]


  • Vertigo:
    • Gameplay updates to bombsite A
    • Updated art
    • Enabled bombsite A in Wingman
  • Blacksite:
    • Added commemorative graffiti for Katowice Showmatch
  • Biome:
    • Reverted the following January update changes:
      • Reopened connector between between A main and A long.
      • Reopened mid lower entry.
  • Abbey:
    • Added half body cover on B bombsite
    • Moved B long closer to bombsite
    • Reworked exit from underpass to B bombsite
    • Removed walls from B long entry to bombsite
    • Extended B bombsite allowing terrorists to plant the bomb behind crates
    • Opened ivy roof on B bombsite allowing grenades being thrown from underpass
    • Added glow sticks in gate house for better visibility
    • Added small crate on A bombsite to allow CTs to hold barn from behind half body cover
    • Removed wooden fences outside A bombsite
    • Added visuals for drop from upper CT spawn to sewer
    • Added clipping to prevent weapons being thrown outside of CT spawn
    • Reworked library
    • Fixed clipping in some places

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