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2019-05-29 Patch

[e][h]May 29, 2019 Patch
Patch Information
Release Date:
  • Zoo will be replaced with Ruby in competitive matchmaking
  • Danger Zone Changes
  • Misc Changes

Release Notes[edit]


  • Ruby has been added to official competitive matchmaking.
  • Zoo has been removed from official competitive matchmaking.
  • Players will now be limited to a single cooldown level for abusively kicking teammates even if they vote kick multiple teammates in the same match.

Danger Zone[edit]

  • Radar Jammer price reduced to $1,250.
  • Slightly reduced the size of Ballistic Shield window.
  • During warmup players start parachuting from greater height.
  • Buy menu availability hints will no longer show during warmup.


  • Optimized map loading process by using ambient lighting data included in newly built maps.
  • Removed a development command for adjusting sound parameters.
  • Updated radar maps for Vertigo.
  • Stability improvements in decal rendering.


  • Ruby:
    • Fixed tram bug
    • Minor overall changes

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