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2019-07-16 Patch

[e][h]July 16, 2019 Patch
Patch Information
Release Date:

Release Notes[edit]


  • Added support for displaying Berlin 2019 Minor play-off matches in-game.
  • Fixed the events lister showing two rows for events that were both favorited and featured.
  • Adjusted HE grenade collision hull to reduce rolling when dropped.


  • Workout:
    • Retextured the pool area so its a lot brighter
    • Made movement in the pool area smoother
    • Pushed the hostage rescue zone further forward
    • Added CT sided cover to the basketball court
    • Made the entire kids zone area much brighter
    • Updated some textures and meshes throughout the map
    • Due to customer complaints, homebrew coffee have added some bins
    • Stopped players being able to slide up the horse at T side stadium entrance
    • Fixed mesh clipping issue at the ice cream stand
  • Ruby:
    • Overall layout tweaks
  • Dust II:
    • The anniversary celebration has ended

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