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2019-10-07 Patch

[e][h]October 7, 2019 Patch
Patch Information
Release Date:
  • Minor Changes

Release Notes[edit]


  • Players now get a Healthshot for every 3-kill streak, if they don’t already have one.


  • Added winners of all CS:GO Major Championships to the watch tab.
  • Fixed a UI issue where non-Prime players appeared as Prime on ‘Looking to Play’ tab.
  • Friendly fire warning on crosshair is no longer tied to default crosshair and is now a separate option.
  • When holding a knife, the default crosshair will now behave like other crosshairs.
  • Fixed the purchase button for coupons being invisible in some cases.


  • Added logaddress_add_http_delayed command which allows tournament operators to delay http log data for subscribers.
  • Added most recently completed match token to the help site match history authentication code page for convenience.

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