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2020-07-29 Patch

[e][h]July 29, 2020 Patch
Patch Information
Release Date:
  • Map Changes (Mutiny)
  • Misc Changes

Release Notes[edit]


  • Fixed a performance regression during POV demo playback.
  • Fixed domain names starting with a digit to be resolvable via DNS as part of “connect” command.
  • Added a server-side setting sv_closecaption to control whether captions can be displayed during gameplay, defaults to only displaying Co-op Strike Mission chat.
  • Added main menu movies for Mutiny and Swamp.


  • Mutiny:
    • Optimizations:
      • Added some areaportals to increase optimization at T to B Lower
      • Adjusted fade distances on some props to increase performance
      • Removed some unnecessary foliage props
    • Gameplay:
      • Increased height of cover at A Platform
      • Removed lamp outside B Site obstructing angles
      • Removed some foliage at CT to B to increase visibility
      • Fixed boost spot in mid near A Connector
      • Added a few boxes in corner at Dirt Road near CT Spawn
      • Removed barrels and wood stack near CT Spawn for smoother movement
      • Improved clipping in various locations
      • Added clipping to the firestacks
      • Removed inaccurate grenade clips at T to A Upper, A Site and the wall at the top of mid
    • Misc:
      • Ship cannons now fire out to sea as a celebration when the bomb explodes (thanks ZooL!)
      • Fixed the ability to see enemies on the radar through crates with tarps
      • Fixed grenades and weapons dropped falling inside crates with tarps
      • Fixed seagulls not dying when shot (but please do not shoot the seagulls)
      • Added more detail to the house near Upper T to A
      • Increased render distances of various props around Dock
      • Fixed bomb stuck spots in mid
      • Sewed displacements near A Site
      • Sealed multiple walls in Lobby
      • Removed some unpleasant moss at Stairway to Heaven
      • Changed the palm tree at elevator
      • Fixed numerous pixelwalks (thanks ALJN!)

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