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Random list of 100 active players/coaches/commentators etc.
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World Player Team Role Role 2

Sweden Malle Awper
Bulgaria Rainwaker Lurker Support
Australia apocdud In-game leader Awper
Belarus lollipop21k Rifler
France AlluM3tt3 Awper
Serbia nexa In-game leader Rifler
Brazil tifa Entry fragger
Brazil shemp
France bodyy Rifler
Sweden zAAz Rifler
China 333ed2k Rifler
Sweden kicker Rifler Coach
Mongolia nin9 Awper
Russia hiji Awper
United States RUSH Entry fragger
Hong Kong Ming
Brazil coldzera Rifler In-game leader
Russia nafany Rifler
Germany red In-game leader Awper
Slovakia benq1 In-game leader Coach
Australia Nettik Awper
Canada FaNg Awper
Portugal pr Rifler
South Africa KING
Singapore Tommy Entry fragger
Portugal FakeS2 Rifler
Sweden FREDDyFROG Rifler
Spain v1NCHENSO7 In-game leader Awper
Argentina nbl Entry fragger
Spain Vasili Entry fragger
Netherlands rilax Lurker
Russia wayLander Rifler
Iraq r4id3n Awper
Ukraine bondik Lurker
Bulgaria bubble In-game leader Awper
Sweden zende Entry fragger
Czech Republic ZEDKO In-game leader
United States motm Entry fragger
Poland Markoś Awper
Hungary nylon
France Delaney
Sweden mokeN Rifler
China mitsuha Entry fragger Awper
Netherlands CRUC1AL Awper
Thailand NIFFY Support
Germany Aika Awper
Russia jmqa Lurker Awper
Sweden xajdish Rifler Awper
Sweden Lekr0 Entry fragger
Ukraine jR Awper In-game leader
Austria ReacTioNNN Lurker
South Africa flexeeee Rifler
Netherlands v1N Rifler Awper
Russia kinqie Rifler
Sweden flusha Rifler
Denmark rtA
Spain xikii Support
United States Polen Entry fragger
Sweden addi In-game leader
Montenegro Lobanjica Rifler
Indonesia roseau
Thailand SeveN89 Rifler
Finland KHRN Rifler
Tunisia torr Rifler
Malaysia clickzai
Denmark thamlike
Poland pashaBiceps Rifler Awper
Denmark rezex In-game leader Support
United States Shakezullah In-game leader Rifler
Malaysia aimaNNN Rifler In-game leader
Mongolia ncl
Sweden b0denmaster Awper Manager
Peru pacman^v^ Entry fragger
Portugal kst Rifler
China s550 Rifler
Slovakia frozen Entry fragger
Russia Sindi Rifler Awper
Austria NinoZjE Rifler
Sweden nawwk Awper
Germany PANIX Awper
Denmark SandeN Rifler
Russia tory Rifler
Sweden HEAP
Denmark andkilde
Russia Jerry In-game leader Entry fragger
France SIXER Awper Rifler
Australia BURNRUOk In-game leader Rifler
Bulgaria Mar Rifler
Belarus hitMouse In-game leader Coach
United States leaf Rifler
Denmark dev1ce Awper
Russia Dima Rifler
Denmark dfen Rifler
China dmm Awper Rifler
Turkey REOVA Awper Rifler
Argentina Limi7 In-game leader Awper
Kazakhstan anv1k Rifler Coach
Israel LaNrefNi Entry fragger
Ukraine DarkS1DE
South Africa ELUSIVE Rifler