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World Player Team Role Role 2

USA seang@res In-game leader Analyst
Denmark MENIX
United Kingdom ozzy Entry fragger
Sweden quix In-game leader
Sweden bdN
Sweden Eddeman Rifler
Serbia DJOXiC Awper
Sweden juliano In-game leader Rifler
Sweden S1ck
Jordan Foolz Rifler
United Arab Emirates breAker In-game leader
Sweden evidence
Brazil GW Awper
Denmark b0ychild
France META
USA LeX In-game leader
Brazil pedin
Malaysia Taymore
Germany nex Entry fragger
Sweden Gux
Brazil FLUYR Entry fragger
Australia sync Rifler
Portugal renatoohaxx
Denmark LOMME In-game leader Rifler
Slovakia GuardiaN Awper
Denmark raalz
Russia Dima Rifler
Australia mizu
Poland tecek In-game leader Rifler
Poland pekson
Malaysia xevR Support
Iceland ClvR
Kyrgyzstan pachanga
Poland gaB
Poland sany
Serbia zon1Q
United Kingdom resu
Sweden robiin Rifler
Russia Spyn
France Fuks Rifler
Brazil chelo Entry fragger
Brazil fpg Entry fragger
Brazil shemp
Belgium NpK eFrog Entry fragger In-game leader
Denmark RandomRambo Rifler
Russia Jame Awper In-game leader
Thailand CigaretteS Lurker
Brazil tatazin Support
Spain FeldmaN Coach
China somebody Lurker
Jordan Viper Rifler In-game leader
Sweden pbD Rifler
Bulgaria shEMETA
Canada FNS In-game leader
USA jdm64 Awper
Canada vSa In-game leader
Sweden Hurley Rifler
Russia waterfaLLZ In-game leader Awper
Brazil frostezoR Support
Sweden magella
Belarus vvalter Rifler
Lithuania Butters
Hungary fleav Rifler
China BanGa Entry fragger
Canada Jonji
Venezuela sc4rx Entry fragger Awper
Kazakhstan neaLaN Entry fragger
USA sayonara
Serbia kassad Coach
Norway becker
Ireland NeiL_M Coach
USA Nifty In-game leader Awper
Finland Jamppi Awper
USA kaboose
USA milk
Estonia FejtZ Entry fragger Awper
France LOGAN Rifler
Brazil cAmyy
Hong Kong hypathor In-game leader
Thailand RoLEX Rifler
Russia Boombl4 In-game leader Rifler
Brazil FalleN Awper In-game leader
Australia Lightstep In-game leader
Poland phr Rifler
Australia apoc
Spain NaOw Rifler In-game leader
Brazil bld V In-game leader
Brazil VINI Rifler
USA floppy Rifler Awper
Estonia HS Entry fragger
Sweden Samzter Awper Rifler
USA roca Entry fragger
Turkey ngiN Awper Rifler
Ukraine Shara Rifler
India astaRR Entry fragger
Germany enkay J Coach
China HZ Entry fragger
Australia deStiny
Chile mnzd
Russia It's my In-game leader