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[e][h]Circuito Gamer Latinoamericano
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Chile Santiago

Circuito Gamer Latinoamericano[edit]

Circuito Gamer Latinoamericano (CGL) (Formerly known as Liga Chilena Gamer) is a Chilean esports organization. They are mostly known for their coverage of a long range of games, mainly in Chile.


CGL started as an idea of 3 friends (Pretoriuz, Razen & wenazo), this idea became a reality when they met xppE, a former profesionnal player of Counter-Strike who brought ideas from the "players perspective". CGL is an answer to all the deficiencies that the Chilean/South American esports scene has. On January 27, 2017, Liga Chilena Gamer (LCG) began it's operations, with it's first tournament being an Opening LAN for a new cybercafe in Santiago (CSGO Copa Invitacional) LAN which had a 320 USD Prize pool.


During all 2017 they did a total of 5 CSGO tournaments, of which 2 were total LAN tournaments (Invitational Cup & Invitacional Presencial), an other 2 were Online tournaments with LAN finals (Copa Alfa & Copa Invierno) and the last one of the year was a Online tournament with a On-stage final with attendance open to the public (Desafio Delta). They distributed more than $1700 USD in prizes and they had more than 362 participants in all their tournaments (Both data only in CSGO)

2017 Events
Event Date Prize Pool Winner Runner-Up
Invitational Cup March 15 to March 26 $320 USD AEON Gaming Serena Five
Invitacional Presencial May 20 to May 21 $73.29 USD AEON Gaming NONAME
Copa Alfa April 5 to June 11 $150 USD Last Kings NONAME
Copa Invierno September 29 $609.47 USD Hafnet E-Sports AEON Gaming
Desafio Delta November 8 to December 16 $617.47 USD AEON Gaming Hafnet E-Sports


At the beginning of 2018, Liga Chilena Gamer posted a video informing that from that moment onward they would be called Circuito Gamer Latinoamericano and they would start to help other South American Countries aswell, from here LCG transitioned from a Chilean Organization to CGL, a South American Organization. On April 11, Comic Con Chile announced that they would have a series of esports tournaments that year, who appointed CGL in charge of the tournaments of Dota 2, LOL and CSGO, in the CSGO tournament they distributed $300,000 CLP ($484 USD) in prize pools, and there were a total of 20,000 viewers in the On-stage final through the 3 days of event. On August 6, CGL announced a Opening LAN tournament for another new cybercafe in Santiago called Lancenter, in which they distributed $100,000 CLP ($150 USD) between the top 2 places.

2018 Events
Event Date Prize Pool Winner Runner-Up
Copa Comicon Chile 2018 March 25 to May 13 $484 USD Andes eSports Berserk e-Sports
Copa Lancenter August 8 to August 11 $150 USD Evilvice Esports Andes eSports

CGL Profesional[edit]

CGL started their second stage of the project, which was the implementation of a system's game where the players and teams could show their consistency throught the time. They divided the year in two seasons (Apertura and Clausura) of 5 months each, and each season was divided in 4 phases (3 Online Phases + 1 Grand Final), where in each phase the participants compete for points (besides the prize) for the South American Ranking of CGL. In the last phase of the seasons, the top teams in the ranking will be invited to participate to decide a winner for that season. Due to time issues, the phases of each season were reduced to 2, it was decided to have 1 Grand Final in the year to close the league and the system of Ranking points was eliminated.

CGL Profesional 2018
Event Date Prize Pool Winner Runner-Up
Phase 1 February 15 to March 28 $413.91 USD Furious Gaming Verus E-Sports
Phase 2 May 4 to June 18 $376.80 USD Furious Gaming GloryUS
Event Date Prize Pool Winner Runner-Up
Phase 1 July 12 to August 23 $362.46 USD Yeah Gaming BULL eSports
Phase 2 September 23 to October 27 $727.12 USD Evilvice Esports Duck Nutz
Copa Ignus October 25 to December 10 $400 USD DETONA Gaming FURIA Academy
Grand Final
Event Date Prize Pool Winner Runner-Up
Gamerlid December 15 $450 USD Rejected Duck Nutz

Relationship with TV[edit]

CGL began to have contact with TV Channels (MEGA & 13) in the beginning of 2018, thanks to these conversations it was possible to make the final of a tournament live from a TV studio (CGL Clausura Phase 2) and begin planning tournaments supported by these TV channels for 2019.


For 2019 a second edition of the CGL Profesional is expected but this time with a league format, similar to the one used by Spain's LVP, in addition to a women's tournament.


ID Name Position Join Date
Chile Pretoriuz Andres Lopez CEO 2017-01-27
Chile xppE Mauricio Ramis Co-Founder/Product Manager 2017-01-27
Chile Razen Manuel Lopez Co-Founder/Events Producer 2017-01-27
Chile wenazo José Lacunza Co-Founder/Chief of Arts 2017-01-27
Chile Freings Cesar Carcamo Commercial Area 2018-11-01