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Company Information
Players' Association
Copenhagen, Denmark Denmark
Key People:

The Counter-Strike Professional Players' Association (CSPPA) is a representative association for professional players formed by Scott "SirScoots" Smith, legal advisor Michael Døi, and Mads Øland, chief executive officer of the Danish Elite Athletes Association. [1]

Board Members[edit]


Active Board Members
ID Name Position Current Team Term
Netherlands chrisJ Chris de Jong Board Member 2018-06-29 [1]Present
South Africa JT Johnny Theodosiou Board Member Complexity GamingComplexity Gaming Complexity Gaming 2021-04-27 [2]Present
Sweden Golden Maikil Selim Board Member GODSENTGODSENT GODSENT (Coach) 2021-04-27 [2]Present
France apEX Dan Madesclaire Board Member Team Vitality Team Vitality 2021-04-27 [2]Present
United Kingdom MiGHTYMAX Max Heath Board Member EndpointEndpoint Endpoint 2021-04-27 [2]Present
Slovakia STYKO Martin Styk Board Member ApeksApeks Apeks 2021-04-27 [2]Present


Former Board Members
ID Name Position Team at End of Term Term
France NBK- Nathan Schmitt Board Member OG OG (Inactive/Retired) 2018-06-29 [1] – 2021-07-20 [3]
Denmark Xyp9x Andreas Højsleth Chairman Astralis Astralis 2018-06-29 [1][4] – 2021-04-27 [5]
United States EliGE Jonathan Jablonowski Vice Chairman Team LiquidTeam Liquid Team Liquid 2018-06-29 [1][4] – 2021-04-27 [5]
Brazil TACO Epitácio de Melo Board Member GODSENTGODSENT GODSENT 2018-06-29 [1] – 2021-04-27 [5]
United States tarik Tarik Celik Board Member Evil GeniusesEvil Geniuses Evil Geniuses (Inactive) 2018-06-29 [1] – 2021-04-27 [5]
United States n0thing Jordan Gilbert Board Member
2018-06-29 [1] – 2021-04-27 [5]



ID Name Position Join Date
Denmark Michael Døi COO 2018-09-??
Denmark Mads Øland Advisor 2021-04-30 [6]
United States seang@res Sean Gares Player Advisor 2019-08-28 [7]
Denmark Louise Kwang Executive Assistant 2020-01-??


Former Organization
ID Name Position Join Date Leave Date New Organization
United States SirScoots Scott Smith Advisor 2018-??-?? 2022-05-31 [8]
Denmark Mads Øland CEO 2018-??-?? 2021-04-30 [9] CSPPACSPPA CSPPA (Advisor)

History and Projects[edit]

Tournament Organizer Agreements[edit]

In January 2020, the CSPPA signed a framework agreement with ESL and DreamHack for ESL Pro Tour and with Flashpoint. [10][11]

World Ranking[edit]

In August 2020, the CSPPA launched their monthly team ranking system in consultation with Valve, teams, tournament organizers, the CSPPA ranking committee and members, and the community. The ranking awards points to individual players of a team (up to 6-player rosters) based on the team's performance, with each player getting awarded 20% of the team's points. The ranking takes into account tournaments over a period of nine months affected by gradual decay every month, features a limited scope of tournaments, excludes tournaments which conflict with the set player break dates, and doesn't penalize players which are unable to play due to illness, mental health issues or injuries. [12][13] In February 2021, the CSPPA partnered with GRID to further automate and improve the rankings. [14]

Player Committee[edit]

World Ranking Player Committee
ID Name Actual Team Term
Netherlands chrisJ Chris de Jong 2020-11-02 [15]Present
Australia dexter Christopher Nong MOUZ MOUZ 2020-11-02 [15]Present
Brazil steel Lucas Lopes Case Esports Case Esports 2020-11-02 [15]Present
Denmark AcilioN Asger Larsen 2020-11-02 [15]Present
Russia Jerry Andrey Mekhryakov forZeforZe forZe 2020-11-02 [15]Present

Mental Health[edit]

In August 2020, the CSPPA partnered with two English universities to conduct a survey of mental health in competitive CS:GO. Preliminary evidence gained found that the players face significant stressors in their competitive lives. [16] In the same month, the CSPPA created a pilot mental health program in collaboration with We.Care, a mental health company, and North, in which the players receive clinical psychological treatment and have access to an educational program on mental health, which ran for two months on a trial basis. [17] In late May 2021, the program was expanded to all members of the CSPPA. [18]

Gambling Awareness[edit]

In February 2021, the CSPPA partnered with EPIC Risk Management, a gambling harm minimization consultancy. They will be working to cause awareness and educate the CSPPA members about gambling and launch multiple research projects on gambling awareness in esports. [19]



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