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A fully automatic variant of the CZ75, the CZ75-Auto is another inexpensive choice against armored opponents. But with very little ammo provided, strong trigger discipline is required.
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Weapon Information
Kill award:
Reload time:
Movement Speed:
240 units/s
Firing mode:


The CZ75-Auto is a great close quarters combat auto pistol when on a full spray, but this tactic quickly burns through its 24 bullet ammo count. Having the smallest magazine size of any pistol other than the Desert Eagle doesn't help either.

This pistol is great for CT/T eco rounds to steal weapons off the opposing players due to its very fast kill time at close range. It is also great for rushes as you can tap fire at the head for range and spray in close quarters.

In older patch versions of CS:GO, the CZ75-Auto was also a common choice as a sidearm for snipers. However, with the nerf to the CZ's draw speed (it is now longer than the reload speed), its usefulness as a sidearm has diminished. Some players do still use it in this capacity.

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