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Decoy Grenade

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A diversionary device that can be used to simulate weapons discharge.
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[e][h]Decoy Grenade
Weapon Information
Kill award:
Movement Speed:
245 units/s
Firing mode:

The Decoy Grenade is a new grenade to the Counter-Strike series featured in Counter-Strike: Global Offensive. Very cheap and useful, the decoy is meant to confuse and misdirect. Sparingly used, decoys can be effective in confusing enemy players long enough to get them killed. Decoy's are very easy to pick out due to the repetitive nature of their weapon's fire sound effects, so don't expect a lot of use out of a decoy that has been active longer than a few seconds.

A Decoy lasts for 15 seconds and it will explode after that time, dealing a small amount of damage to a player standing directly near the explosion.

The Decoy Grenade looks almost like the Flashbang, the only difference is the Decoy has a red stripe and the Flashbang a blue stripe around its body. It is sometimes used to trick enemies into looking away from what they believe is a Flashbang. This move is called a "Fake Flashbang".