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DreamHack Masters

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[e][h]DreamHack Masters
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Continued under IEM brand
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DreamHack Masters, established by DreamHack in 2016 with the inaugural event hosted in Malmö, Sweden, is DreamHack’s esports arena event brand, distinguished from the traditional and famous DreamHack BYOC LAN festivals. The event serves as the ultimate experience for esports fans from around the world wanting to watch their favorite professional teams and players play on the biggest of stages.



EventDatePrize Pool 1st 2nd
DreamHack Masters Spring 20212021-04-29 to 2021-05-09$250,000Natus Vincere Natus VincereGambit Esports Gambit Esports


EventDatePrize Pool 1st 2nd
DreamHack Masters Winter 2020: Europe2020-11-30 to 2020-12-06$150,000Astralis Astralismousesports mousesports
DreamHack Masters Winter 2020: North America2020-11-30 to 2020-12-06$70,000Chaos Esports ClubChaos Esports Club Chaos Esports ClubTeam oNe eSports Team oNe eSports
DreamHack Masters Winter 2020: Asia2020-12-01 to 2020-12-06$15,000ViCi Gaming ViCi GamingTIGER TIGER
DreamHack Masters Winter 2020: Oceania2020-12-01 to 2020-12-06$15,000Renegades RenegadesORDER ORDER
DreamHack Masters Jönköping 20202020-06-09 to 2020-06-14$250,000Cancelled
DreamHack Masters Spring 2020: Europe2020-05-19 to 2020-06-14$160,000BIGBIG BIGG2 EsportsG2 Esports G2 Esports
DreamHack Masters Spring 2020: North America2020-05-19 to 2020-06-14$100,000FURIA Esports FURIA EsportsTeam LiquidTeam Liquid Team Liquid
DreamHack Masters Spring 2020: Oceania2020-06-03 to 2020-06-07$20,000Renegades RenegadesAvant GamingAvant Gaming Avant Gaming
DreamHack Masters Spring 2020: Asia2020-06-02 to 2020-06-07$20,000TYLOO TYLOOViCi Gaming ViCi Gaming


EventDatePrize Pool 1st 2nd
DreamHack Masters Malmö 20192019-10-01 to 2019-10-06$250,000Fnatic FnaticTeam Vitality Team Vitality
DreamHack Masters Dallas 20192019-05-28 to 2019-06-02$250,000Team LiquidTeam Liquid Team LiquidENCE ENCE


EventDatePrize Pool 1st 2nd
DreamHack Masters Stockholm 20182018-08-29 to 2018-09-02$250,000NorthNorth NorthAstralis Astralis
DreamHack Masters Marseille 20182018-04-18 to 2018-04-22$250,000Astralis AstralisNatus Vincere Natus Vincere


EventDatePrize Pool 1st 2nd
DreamHack Masters Malmö 20172017-08-30 to 2017-09-03$250,000G2 Esports G2 EsportsNorthNorth North
DreamHack Masters Las Vegas 20172017-02-15 to 2017-02-19$450, Virtus.proSK GamingSK Gaming SK Gaming


EventDatePrize Pool 1st 2nd
DreamHack Masters Malmö 20162016-04-12 to 2016-04-17$250,000Ninjas in Pyjamas Ninjas in PyjamasNatus Vincere Natus Vincere