ESEA Season 28: Premier Division - Europe

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[e][h]ESEA Season 28: Premier Division - Europe
League Information
Europe Europe
League (Bo1)
Playoffs (Bo3)
Prize pool:
$37,000 USD
Start Date:
End Date:
Liquipedia Tier:
Cache • Cobblestone • Inferno • Nuke • Mirage • Overpass • Train


Broadcast Talent[edit]

  • Observer:
    • United Kingdom Misty (Jordan Johnson)


  • League Play
    • 27 teams, with 16 games for each.
      • Playoff teams are decided by:
        • Overall record
        • Head to head record
        • Best round difference in regulation rounds
        • Bo3 playoff if all other tie breaker scenarios are indecisive
  • Playoffs
    • (Bo3), Single elimination bracket.

Prize Pool[edit]

$37,000 USD are spread among the teams as seen below:


Smoke Criminals2, 10, 23, 34
1Denmark SandeN
1Israel buue
2France Fearoth
3Sweden Xaisty
4France Gauthierlele
5Latvia lainNy
CNetherlands PeterG
Boys in Blue38
1France SIXER
1France Lambert
2France Happy
3France polox
4France mistou
5France RpK
Gambit Esports26, 31, 41
1Russia Dosia 
2Kazakhstan AdreN 
3Kazakhstan mou 
4Kazakhstan Hobbit 
5Russia mir 
Red Reserve35, 45
1Sweden feddan
CFinland naSu
1Sweden twist
2Sweden disco doplan
3Sweden freddieb
4Sweden hampus
5Sweden Brollan
PRIDE24, 32
1Poland gaB
1Poland ToM223
2Poland Luz
3Poland splawik
4Poland Zorineq
5Poland SAYN
Chaos22, 42, 47
Singularity Esports28, 29, 43, 46
1Sweden znajder
CBelgium Ant0_oNNN
1Sweden BENDJI
3Sweden RuStY
4Sweden Plopski
5Sweden Dumas
Sprout13, 21, 25, 30
1Poland Snax
1Poland NEO
2Poland pashaBiceps
3Poland byali
4Poland MICHU
5Poland morelz
CPoland kuben
Wind and Rain11, 27, 36
1United Kingdom Danceyz
1United Kingdom Astroo
2United Kingdom fre1
3United Kingdom jenko
4Sweden hemzk9
5United Kingdom L1NK
CUnited Kingdom nEiLZiNHo
3DMAX1, 15, 17, 39, 44
1France Adlane
1France JiNKZ
2France Lucky
3Belgium davidp
4France Maka
5France JACKZ

For "News and Roster Changes" Click here.

1 Generally ESEA Main is prioritized over National Competitions for promotion, but because the next team eligible for promotion from ESL Meisterschaft was PANTHERS Gaming in 3rd-4th, EURONICS Gaming received the Meisterschaft spot. As a result a 5th-8th place last chance qualifier will take place, with the winner gaining the 4th ESEA Main qualification spot for this season.
2 Asterion parts ways with Denmark oW. [1]
3 Spain ALEX exits Movistar Riders. [2]
4 United Kingdom jenko leaves Epsilon eSports. [3]
5 SuperJymy announce the addition of Finland Jamppi and Finland Saddyx, Finland Juho is released and Finland arvid is benched temporarily. [4]
6 HAVU Gaming parts ways with Finland Uli, Finland xartE and Finland KHRN. Finland xartE and KHRN are later acquired by thus granting them HAVU Gaming's spot. [5] [6]
7 United Kingdom smooya leaves Epsilon eSports to join BIG. [7]
8 The players of Unity decide to go their separate ways. The status of their spot in Premier is currently unknown. [8]
9 ALTERNATE aTTaX bench Germany ecfN and sign Denmark Console. [9]
10 Asterion kicks Denmark RandomRambo. [10]
11 Wind and Rain part ways with United Kingdom Kray and United Kingdom L1NK. [11]
12 DIVIZON's contract with its players end and they opt to not renew it. The player will continue to play as ex-DIVIZON. Additionally, they replace Austria chrissK with Germany syken. [12]
13 Poland innocent departs Sprout. [13]
14 ESEA announce that due to a busy international schedule during Season 28, they have decided to cancel the Global Challenge. As a result, they adjusted the prize pools for the various competing leagues to make up for the cancelled LAN. [14]
15 dizLown replaces France CREA^ and France alex_ with France Maka and Belgium davidp. [15]
16 EURONICS Gaming add dominikkk as coach. [16]
17 The players of dizLown leave the team in order to search for better contracts. They will continue to play together as NOBO. [17]
18 Team EnVyUs and Team opt not to play in this season of MDL, as a result two more teams are promoted from the EU Main Last Chance qualifier: Royal Bandits E-Sports and PAPERPLANES.
19 Tricked Esport acquire Denmark LOMME, Denmark glace, and Denmark b0RUP. As a result, Tricked Esport acquire Unity's MDL spot. [18]
20 Movistar Riders sign Portugal MUTiRiS. [19]
21 kRYSTAL steps down from Sprout. [20]
22 Red Reserve parts ways with its CS:GO squad. They will continue to play together as Japaleno. [21]
23 Asterion sign Denmark SandeN and France Gauthierlele. [22]
24 PRIDE replace Poland EXUS with Poland Zorineq. [23]
25 Denmark sycrone joins Sprout. [24]
26 May 26th - Gambit bench Russia seized and add Russia mir on trial. [25]
27 May 28th - Wind and Rain add United Kingdom jenko and Sweden hemzk9. [26]
28 May 29th - Singularity Esports bench Sweden HugoXD. Sweden znajder joins on trial. [27]
29 May 30th - Sweden znajder abruptly ends his trial with Singularity Esports shortly after it began. Sweden HugoXD returns to the active lineup. [28]
30 June 2nd - Denmark percy joins Sprout to complete their roster. [29]
31 June 10th - Ukraine Andi resigns as head coach from Gambit Esports. [30]
32 June 11th - PRIDE replace gaB with Poland SAYN. [31]
33 June 13th - Serbia kassad joins Valiance as coach. [32]
34 June 13th - Asterion release their CS:GO team. The players will continue to play together as Smoke Criminals. [33]
35 June 14th - GODSENT sell their CS:GO team to Red Reserve inheriting their MDL spot. [34]
36 United Kingdom Danceyz retires from competitive CS:GO and leaves Wind and Rain's roster. [35]
37 June 19th - Ex-DIVIZON change their name to FriendlyFire. [36]
38 June 20th - EnVyUs Academy officially release their CS:GO team. The MDL spot is inherited by a French mix called Boys in Blue. [37]
39 June 27th - 3DMAX sign NOBO. [38]
40 June 27th - Poland Snax leaves to join mousesports. [39]
41 June 28th - Gambit Esports withdraw from the Premier league. As a result they forfeit their remaining matches and will be demoted to the Open division. [40]
42 July 2nd - The players of Japaleno opt to go their separate ways, and the team disbands. However, they will stay together in order to finish the MDL season. [41]
43 July 2nd - Belgium Ant0_oNNN parts ways with Singularity Esports. [42]
44 July 3rd - 3DMAX replaces Adlane with France JACKZ. [43]
45 July 4th - Red Reserve part ways with Finland naSu. [44]
46 July 5th - Singularity Esports disband and release their CS:GO team. However, the team will stay together under the org until the end of the MDL season. [45]
47 July 9th - Chaos sign the core of Japaleno thus acquiring their MDL spot. For the remainder of the season Sweden Maikelele and Sweden pronax will play in place of Sweden djL and Sweden Bååten. Additionally, Sweden Devilwalk joins as coach. [46]


Regular Season[edit]

League Standings
1. EURONICS Gaming 11-5 239-168 +71 33p
2. Chaos Esports Club 11-5 242-204 +38 33p
3. ALTERNATE aTTaX 1 11-5 237-205 +32 33p
4. Team Kinguin1 11-5 249-214 +35 33p
5. Sprout 11-5 235-217 +18 33p
6. 3DMAX 11-5 240-212 +28 33p
7. Red Reserve 10-6 202-191 +11 30p
8. Smoke Criminals 9-7 204-209 -5 27p
9. PAPERPLANES 9-7 209-185 +24 27p
10. Valiance 9-7 258-234 +24 27p
11. Epsilon eSports 9-7 224-190 +34 27p
12. FriendlyFire 9-7 216-187 +29 27p
13. Singularity Esports 8-8 233-198 +35 24p
14. Team Spirit 8-8 223-190 +33 24p
15. PACT 8-8 219-212 +7 24p
16. Fragsters 8-8 198-218 -20 24p
17. Tricked Esport 8-8 216-202 +14 24p
18. SuperJymy 8-8 218-186 +32 24p
19. Wind and Rain 7-9 204-197 +7 21p
20. 7-9 213-228 -15 21p
21. Royal Bandits E-Sports 7-9 203-221 -18 21p
22. Movistar Riders 7-9 197-229 -32 21p
23. Vexed 6-10 192-210 -18 18p
24. PRIDE 5-11 159-220 -61 15p
25. 3-13 172-245 -73 9p
26. Boys in Blue 2-14 153-245 -92 6p
27. Gambit Esports 3-13 99-237 -138 9p

1 Due to a tie in record, head-to-head, and round difference, Team Kinguin and ALTERNATE aTTaX will play a Bo3 to decide who gets 3rd and 4th seed, respectively.
For detailed results for Week 1 to 3, click here.
For detailed results for Week 4 to 6, click here.
For detailed results for Week 7 to 8, click here.
Team Kinguin
August 9, 2018 - 14:00 CDT


August 7, 2018 - 20:00 CEST
Smoke Criminals
Team Kinguin
Chaos Esports Club
Red Reserve
Grand Final
3rd Place Match



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