ESEA Season 29: Premier Division - North America

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[e][h]ESEA Season 29: Premier Division - North America
League Information
North America North America
Start Date:
End Date:
Liquipedia Tier:
Cache • Dust II • Inferno • Mirage • Nuke • Overpass • Train


Broadcast Talent[edit]

  • Commentators:
    • USA Topical (Will Dallas)
    • USA Boq (Mark Wilson)
    • Canada emode (Evan Patrao)
    • Australia Mac (Geordie McAleer)
  • Observer:
    • United Kingdom Misty (Jordan Johnson)


  • League Play
    • 20 teams, with 16 games for each.
      • Playoff teams are decided by:
        • Overall record
        • Head to head record
        • Best round difference in regulation rounds
        • Bo3 playoff if all other tie breaker scenarios are indecisive
  • Playoffs
    • (Bo3), Single elimination bracket.

Prize Pool[edit]


Gorilla Gang21, 39
1USA oSee 
2USA vanity 
3USA Hydrex 
4USA ryann 
5USA food 
Swole Patrol4, 9, 11, 23
TBD11, 19, 23, 44
1USA SileNt 
2USA clowN 
3USA abE 
4USA sgares 
5USA n0thing 
Test Takers8, 13, 32, 38, 42, 47
1USA Toy 
2Canada TenZ 
4USA Slemmy 
5USA no_one 
CUSA flowsicK 
Excelerate Gaming10, 12, 18, 28
1USA tconnors 
2Canada djay 
3USA agM 
4USA DaneJoris 
5USA SideStep 
CUSA ruin 
Fam1431, 5, 6, 27, 34, 36
AZIO Esports2, 16, 20, 35, 38, 41
Team One49
1Brazil Maluk3 
2Brazil iDk 
3Brazil trk 
4Argentina NikoM 
5Brazil bit 
CBrazil cky 

For "News and Roster Changes" Click here.

1 USA perez is removed as Fam143's coach, USA NEX becomes the team's new coach. Additionally, USA LaffyTs and Canada Anzoh are kicked from the squad; with USA draek, USA KLUMZ, and Canada rugrat joining in their place. [1]
2 USA Bibby joins AZIO Esports as a trial coach. [2]
3 USA alter leaves Really Old People. [3]
4 Canada LILMAN steps down from Swole Patrol. [4]
5 Fam 143 cut USA Skywalker. [5]
6 Fam 143 cut Canada rugrat shortly after adding him to the team. [6]
7 USA MAiNLiNE departs Team BlackOut. [7]
8 USA 4sh0t is cut from Resolute. [7]
9 USA SileNt steps down from Swole Patrol. [8]
10 Will to Win are signed by Excelerate Gaming. [9]
11 USA swag and Mexico MarkE leave ex-Torqued to join Swole Patrol. [10]
12 USA ruin joins Excelerate Gaming as their coach. [11]
13 Canada Jonji leaves Resolute. [12]
14 Team BlackOut add Canada Jonji to the team. [13]
15 Team Dignitas release USA ryx and USA Grim. [14]
16 USA Mauisnake steps down from AZIO Esports in order to focus on content creation and other pursuits. Additionally, USA seziwana is cut from the team. [15]
17 and USA motm part ways. [16]
18 USA tweiss and USA L0NER leave Excelerate Gaming. [17]
19 USA stellar and USA robby join USA Rustun becomes the team's coach. [18]
20 AZIO Esports massively overhaul their roster, adding USA Hunter, USA motm, USA Snakes, and USA Grim. However, due to ESEA roster rules, USA Shonk will play the first 8 matches in order for AZIO to retain their spot. Additionally, USA Bibby completes his trial successfully and permanently joins the team. [19]
21 Gorilla Gang add USA MAC-1 as their new coach. [20]
22 Vision Gaming parts ways with Spain lanhero. [21]
23 ex-Torqued disband after the majority of their roster leaves the team. Due to Mexico MarKE and USA swag having been members of the ex-Torqued squad last season, Swole Patrol transfer into ex-Torqued's MDL spot, allowing for a currently unknown squad to take Swole Patrol's old spot. [22]
24 Canada vSa joins Vision Gaming. [23]
25 Vision Gaming replace Canada huynh with USA aproto. [24] [25]
26 USA Tex announces his departure from Monstars. [26]
27 USA NEX becomes a player on Fam143 and USA 4sh0t joins the squad. [27]
28 Excelerate Gaming add USA DaneJoris and USA SideStep to their team. [28]
29 Monstars disband, leaving their MDL spot vacant. At this time, it is unknown what will happen to the spot, but if France Xp3 and USA crashies decide to stay together, they will inherit the spot. [29]
30 USA XotiC leaves Velocity eSports. [30]
31 Really Old People loses their MDL spot following the bans of Canada effys and Canada cardiac for match fixing. The spot will be filled by a team from the Relegation tournament. [31]
32 RESOLUTE drops their CS:GO team, who will stay together under the name Test Takers. USA RIKO and USA s0m join to complete roster, while USA flowsicK as a the team's coach. [32] [33]
33 Velocity eSports release their CS:GO team. They reform as ex-Velocity eSports. [34]
34 USA 4sh0t and USA KLUMZ leaves Fam143. [35]
35 Team Dignitas drop their male CS:GO squad, but the players will continue playing together under the name ex-Team Dignitas. USA shinobi steps down from his coaching role to fill the roster and Canada gMd joins to complete it. [36]
36 Spain lanhero and USA shonk joins Fam143. [37]
37 USA Infinite leaves ex-Team Dignitas. [38]
38 USA Hunter steps down from AZIO Esports active roster. USA Infinite joins in his place. Additionally, USA seziwana rejoins the squad as a stand-in for the first eight matches, which is required for AZIO Esports to retain their MDL spot. [39]
39 USA ben1337 is cut from Gorilla Gang. He is replaced by USA food. [40]
40 The MDL spot previously belonging to Monstars dissolves, as the USA crashies and France Xp3 elect to go their separate ways. Whether ESEA will attempt to fill the spot is unknown. [41]
41 USA motm is cut from AZIO Esports. USA Voltage joins the active roster in his place. [42]
42 USA s0m steps down from Test Takers and is replaced by USA ben1337. [43]
43 ESEA fills the MDL spot vacated by Monstars with the sixth place finisher in the relegation tournament, VAULT. [44]
44 USA SileNt recruits USA clowN, USA abE, USA sgares, and USA n0thing to fill the slot vacated by Swole Patrol. [45]
45 USA mitch, USA ptr, and Canada gMd leave ex-Team Dignitas. Due to not retaining the necessary two players from last season, the team's MDL spot dissolves. [46]
46 ex-Velocity eSports complete their roster with USA ULTRA. Additionally, USA ashen joins as coach. [47]
47 USA ben1337 leaves Test Takers. USA Slemmy and USA no_one join to complete the roster. [48]
48 USA Welshy leaves Big Frames and is replaced by USA jcrueL. [49]
49 Team One replace Brazil mch with Brazil bit. [50] [51]
50 Big Frames are signed by Blight Gaming. [52]


Regular Season[edit]

League Standings
1. Blight Gaming 2-0 32-17 +15 6p
2. Mythic 2-0 32-18 +14 6p
3. Bravado Gaming 1-0 16-5 +11 3p
4. Gorilla Gang 1-0 16-6 +10 3p
5. AZIO Esports 1-0 16-12 +4 3p
6. ex-Velocity eSports 1-0 16-14 +2 3p
7. Fam143 - -
8. Forty Six and 2 - -
9. Test Takers - -
10. Swole Patrol - -
11. ZZZZZ - -
12. - -
13. Team One - -
14. Team BlackOut 0-1 12-16 -4 0p
15. VAULT 0-1 7-16 -9 0p
16. Infamous 0-1 6-16 -10 0p
17. Excelerate Gaming 0-1 6-16 -10 0p
18. ETHEREAL 0-2 24-32 -8 0p
19. Vision Gaming 0-2 17-32 -15 0p

For detailed results for Week 1 to 3, click here.
For detailed results for Week 4 to 6, click here.
For detailed results for Week 7 to 8, click here.




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