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ESEA Season 33: Premier Division - Europe

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[e][h]ESEA Season 33: Premier Division - Europe
League Information
Europe Europe
Prize Pool:
$1,500 USD
Start Date:
End Date:
Liquipedia Tier:
Dust II • Inferno • Mirage • Nuke • Overpass • Train • Vertigo


Broadcast Talent[edit]

  • Observer:
    • TBA


  • Regular Season:
    • Round-Robin league format
    • All teams play each other once
    • All matches are Bo1
    • Top 8 teams proceed to the Playoffs
    • Click here to show the tie-breaker process
  1. Overall record
  2. Head-to-Head record
  3. Best round difference in regulation rounds
  4. Bo3 decider if all other tie breaker scenarios are indecisive
  • Playoffs:
    • Double-Elimination bracket
    • All matches are Bo3

Prize Pool[edit]

$1,500 USD are spread among the teams as seen below:


   Note: Team roster change notes have been moved to their respective team cards, press the Notes button to toggle them.

1 January 8th - Nemiga Gaming part ways with Kazakhstan spellfull. [1]
2 January 24th - Nemiga Gaming sign Russia speed4k. [2]
1 February 11th - AGO bench Poland mhL. [3]
2 February 17th - Poland mhL returns to the starting lineup. [4]
1 January 4th - Team Heretics replace Belgium davidp and France devoduvek on the active lineup with France jeyN and France xms . [5]
2 January 5th - Due to Belgium davidp having control of the Team Heretics ESEA roster, he elects to form a new team called Demolition Crew with France devoduvek in the spot. [6]
3 January 14th - Demolition Crew officialize their lineup with Germany ayken, Sweden tabz, and Lithuania Bymas. [7]
4 February 11th - Sweden tabz and Lithuania Bymas leave Demolition Crew. [8][9]
Illuminar Gaming
1Poland mono
2Poland innocent
3Poland reatz
4 TBD 
5 TBD 
CPoland IMD
1 February 10th - Illuminar Gaming bench Poland oskarish and Poland STOMP. [10]
1 January 3rd - Japaleno add Sweden PlesseN and Sweden dezon. Sweden Bååten will stand-in until a permanent fifth is found. [11]
1 December 16th - bench their Polish lineup. It's unknown if the players will stick together. [13]
2 January 6th - Poland MICHU leaves after his contract expires with [14]
3 February 1st - Poland snatchie leaves after his contract expires with [15]
1 January 21st - Team GamerLegion part ways with Sweden nawwk. [16]
2 January 22nd - Team GamerLegion part ways with Sweden djL. [17]
3 February 1st - Team GamerLegion sign Sweden draken. [18]
1 January 14th - PACT are invited to replace MAD Lions, due to placing 5th-6th in Relegation. [19]
1 December 31st - Norway H4RR3 leaves Nordavind. [20]
2 January 15th - Nordavind sign Denmark NaToSaphiX and Estonia HS while Norway hallzerk is benched. [21]


Regular Season[edit]

League Standings
1. HellRaisers2-032-21+116p
2. Movistar Riders2-363-60+36p
3. Team GamerLegion2-142-41+16p
4. Wisła Kraków2-136-37-16p
5. Illuminar Gaming1-016-4+123p
6. HAVU Gaming1-016-10+63p
7. pro1001-016-11+53p
8. Team Singularity1-129-25+43p
9. BIG1-016-13+33p
10. Japaleno1-019-17+23p
11. Nordavind1-130-29+13p
12. Demolition Crew1-349-53-43p
13. Nemiga Gaming1-346-62-163p
14. Unicorns of Love1-462-86-243p
. c0ntact Gaming-   
. PACT-   
. Sprout-   
. Team Spirit-   
20. AGO0-119-22-30p

Proceed to Playoffs
Invited to Season 34
Sent to Relegation
Relegated to Advanced
For detailed results for Weeks 1–6, click here.
For detailed results for Weeks 7–9, click here.



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