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ESEA Season 36: Premier Division - Australia

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[e][h]ESEA Season 36: Premier Division - Australia
League Information
Australia Australia
Prize Pool:
$11,000 USD
Start Date:
End Date:
Liquipedia Tier:
Dust II • Inferno • Mirage • Nuke • Overpass • Train • Vertigo



  • Regular Season:
    • Two Round-Robin format groups
      • All teams play each other once
      • All matches are Bo3
    • Top 4 teams from each group proceed to the Playoffs
    • Click here to show the tie-breaker process
  1. Overall record
  2. Head-to-Head record
  3. Best round difference in regulation rounds
  4. Bo3 decider if all other tie breaker scenarios are indecisive
  • Playoffs:
    • Double-Elimination bracket
    • All matches (excl. Grand Final) are Bo3
    • Grand Final is Bo5 (1 map advantage to the UB team)

Prize Pool[edit]

$11,000 USD are spread among the teams as seen below:


1 January 22nd - Australia Noobster is unable to continue competing with Avant Gaming due to his ESIC ban. [1]
2 February 9th - Avant Gaming add Australia Liki and Australia SaVage as New Zealand onfu steps down from the team. [2]
3 February 17th - Dire Wolves acquire Avant Gaming. As a result, their team rebrands to Dire Wolves. [3]
1 January 21st - ORDER part ways with Australia aliStair. [4]
2 January 27th - ORDER acquire Australia Vexite from Chiefs Esports Club. [5]
1 January 27th - Australia Vexite is acquired by ORDER. [5]
2 February 14th - Chiefs Esports Club sign Australia gump and New Zealand val. [6]
1 December 19th - VERTEX Esports Club sign New Zealand soju_j as coach. [7]
2 January 22nd - Australia Roflko is unable to continue competing with VERTEX ESC due to his ESIC ban. [1]
1 November 5th - Slovakia KETUBOR leaves Paradox Gaming. [8]
ex-R!OT Gaming
1 TBD 
2 TBD 
3 TBD 
4 TBD 
5 TBD 
1 January 22th - Australia rekonz is unable to continue competing with ex-R!OT Gaming due to his ESIC ban. [1]
1 December 18th - Australia asap is unable to play for Rooster due to an ESIC ban for submitting a false ID in an ESL event. [9]
1 November 29th - Mako Esports Club disbands. [10]
2 January 27th - R!OT Gaming sign a new lineup consisting of Australia OMARI, Australia cheeseball, Australia Fiend, Australia callum_murray, and Australia 2D. [11]
1 November 29th - Australia MSN announces his retirement and leaves Aftermind. [12]
2 January 22nd - New Zealand MinusTheCoffee and Australia Caily are unable to continue competing with Aftermind due to their ESIC bans. [1]
3 January 26th - The remainder of Aftermind's lineup part ways with the organziation and join Simplicity alongside Australia Mes, Australia TjP and Australia ryza. [13]
really weird
1Australia val
1South Korea Lyme
2Australia nope
3Australia ATESY
4Australia cHus
5 TBD 
1 January 22nd - Australia MDK is unable to continue competing with really weird due to his ESIC ban. [1]
1 January 13th - Mako Esports Club sign Team Fenrir. [14]
2 February 17th - Mako Esports Club disbands. [15]
1 February 1st - Dynasty Esports Club replace Ground Zero Gaming due to the latter not fielding a lineup.
1 February 1st - Ninja Esports Club replace Integral Nation due to the latter not fielding a lineup.
1 December 16th - Downfall Gaming disbands. [16]
Control Esports
1Australia doris
2 TBD 
3 TBD 
4 TBD 
5 TBD 
1 January 22nd - Australia motion, Portugal Falcon, and Australia foggers are unable to continue competing with Control Esports due to their ESIC bans. [1]


Regular Season[edit]

Group A[edit]

Group A Standings
1. ORDER4-0128-52+7612p
2. VERTEX Esports Club3-1146-124+229p
3. Sylyx Esports3-2140-128+129p
4. Dynasty Esports Club3-178-62+169p
5. Simplicity3-2138-145-79p
6. Caught off Guard2-3115-162-476p
7. Rooster2-2138-127+116p
8. really weird0-580-103-230p
9. Ninja Esports Club0-480-140-600p

Group B[edit]

Group B Standings
1. Paradox Esports3-096-36+609p
2. R!OT Gaming3-1127-115+129p
3. Dire Wolves2-064-16+486p
4. Chiefs Esports Club2-034-12+226p
. Control Esports-   
. ex-R!OT Gaming-   
7. Mako Esports Club0-249-71-220p
8. Animal Squad0-361-108-470p
9. chupapi munyanyo0-425-98-730p

Proceed to Playoffs
Invited to Season 37
Sent to Relegation
Demoted to Advanced

For detailed results for Weeks 1–4, click here.
For detailed results for Weeks 5–9, click here.

Placement Matches[edit]

11-12th Place Match
15-16th Place Match


Upper Bracket Quarterfinals
Upper Bracket Semifinals
Upper Bracket Final
Lower Bracket Round 1
Lower Bracket Round 2
Lower Bracket Round 3
Lower Bracket Final
Grand Final


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