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ESEA Season 36: Premier Division - Europe

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[e][h]ESEA Season 36: Premier Division - Europe
League Information
Europe Europe
Prize Pool:
$50,000 USD
Start Date:
End Date:
Liquipedia Tier:
Dust II • Inferno • Mirage • Nuke • Overpass • Train • Vertigo


Broadcast Talent[edit]

  • Host:
    • Australia pilski (Mitchell Pilipowski)
  • Commentators:
  • Observers:
    • Australia MC (Michael Campagna)
    • Australia Hemmo (Conrad Hemmings)


  • Regular Season:
    • Two Round-Robin format groups
      • All teams play each other once
      • All matches are Bo3
    • Top 4 teams from each group proceed to the Playoffs
    • Click here to show the tie-breaker process
  1. Overall record
  2. Head-to-Head record
  3. Best round difference in regulation rounds
  4. Bo3 decider if all other tie breaker scenarios are indecisive
  • Playoffs:
    • Double-Elimination bracket
    • All matches (excl. Grand Final) are Bo3
    • Grand Final is Bo5 (1 map advantage to the UB team)

Prize Pool[edit]

$50,000 USD are spread among the teams as seen below:


1 September 23rd - AGO bench Poland mhL and Poland oskarish. Poland leman and Poland DGL are promoted from AGO NEST. [1]
2 January 5th - AGO part ways with Poland GruBy after the expiration of his contract. [2]
3 January 9th - AGO part ways with Poland DGL. [3]
4 January 12th - AGO sign Poland snatchie. [4]
5 January 14th - AGO acquire Poland reatz from Illuminar Gaming. [5]
6 January 16th - AGO sign Poland rallen. [6]
1 December 1st - Sprout bench Poland dycha and Poland snatchie. [7]
2 January 6th - Sprout sign Germany kressy and Germany slaxz. [8]
CPortugal AIm
1Portugal rmn
2Portugal stadodo
3Portugal JUST
4Portugal MUTiRiS
5Spain arki
1 February 14th - Portugal AIm steps down from SAW.[9]
1 January 7th - Wisła Kraków bench Poland mynio. [10]
2 February 6th - Wisła Kraków sign Poland Goofy. [11]
1 January 18th - HellRaisers transfer list Ukraine jR and add Israel anarkez on a trial basis. [12]
1 January 26th - Romania ragga leaves Nexus Gaming. [13]
2 February 19th - Nexus Gaming sign Spain Cr0n0s as coach. [14]
1 December 10th - Ukraine lmbt leaves forZe. [15]
2 February 1st - forZe bench Russia facecrack. [16]
3 February 10th - forZe sign Russia KENSI and Russia zorte. [17]
4 February 11th - forZe bench Russia xsepower. [18]
1 December 23rd - Germany slaxz leaves ALTERNATE aTTaX. [19]
2 December 29th - ALTERNATE aTTaX and Germany kzy part ways. [20]
3 January 1st - Germany mirbit and Germany kressy leave ALTERNATE aTTaX following the expiration of their contracts. [21][22]
4 January 4th - ALTERNATE aTTaX sign Germany Krimbo and Germany PANIX. [23]
5 January 11th - ALTERNATE aTTaX acquire Germany kRYSTAL from GODSENT. [24]
1 January 7th - Poland Goofy leaves PACT following the expiration of his contract. [25]
2 January 11th - PACT acquire Poland Vegi from Illuminar Gaming. [26]
1 November 3rd - Sweden tabz steps down from the starting lineup. [27]
2 January 16th - Galaxy Racer cut Sweden Relaxa and Sweden FREDDyFROG. In response the duo take over the Premier slot and remove their former teammates. [28]
3 January 24th - Apeks sign Sweden Relaxa and Sweden FREDDyFROG. As a result, they acquire the former Galaxy Racer Premier slot. [29]
1 January 3rd - FATE Esports part ways with Bulgaria h4rn. [30]
2 January 7th - FATE Esports part ways with Serbia soLo. [31]
3 January 9th - FATE Esports sign Bulgaria milky, Bulgaria Rock1nG, and Bulgaria shaiK. [32][33][34]
4 February 10th - FATE Esports sign Serbia feedme as their coach. [35]
1 December 31st - Winstrike Team part ways with Ukraine bondik and Kazakhstan KrizzeN. [36]
2 January 16th - Winstrike Team acquire Russia Krad and Russia Forester from Hard Legion Esports. [37]
1 December 30th - France afroo's contract expires and he leaves Team LDLC. [38]
2 January 5th - France bodyy's contract expires and he leaves Team LDLC. [39]
3 January 11th - Team LDLC sign France Maka and acquire Belgium Keoz from K23 to finalize their roster. [40]
1 December 23rd - Illuminar Gaming transfer list their lineup. [41]
2 January 17th - Anonymo Esports forms with a lineup consisting of Poland Snax, Poland KEi, Poland Kylar, Poland mynio, and Poland innocent as a stand-in. Poland mouz will stand-in for the team to help them keep their Premier spot. [42]
1 February 2nd - Team Singularity replace the former Team Secret team due to the latter not fielding a lineup.
2 February 17th - Team Singularity sign Denmark smF and Denmark larsen. [43]


Regular Season[edit]

Group A[edit]

Group A Standings
1. Winstrike Team4-0154-106+4812p
2. SAW3-1145-108+379p
3. Apeks3-2162-155+79p
4. Wisła Kraków2-199-100-16p
5. Team GamerLegion2-1108-105+36p
6. HellRaisers1-149-41+83p
7. forZe0-274-81-70p
8. FATE Esports0-4106-146-400p
9. Team Singularity0-341-96-550p

Group B[edit]

Group B Standings
1. Anonymo Esports4-1188-166+2212p
2. ALTERNATE aTTaX3-2186-183+39p
3. Sprout3-0113-86+279p
4. Nemiga Gaming2-1128-118+106p
5. AGO2-2148-142+66p
6. Sangal Esports1-2119-124-53p
7. Team LDLC1-3143-164-213p
8. Nexus Gaming0-4133-168-350p
9. PACT0-135-42-70p

Proceed to Playoffs
Invited to Season 37
Sent to Relegation
Demoted to Advanced

For detailed results for Weeks 1–4, click here.
For detailed results for Weeks 5–9, click here.

Placement Matches[edit]

11-12th Place Match
15-16th Place Match


Upper Bracket Quarterfinals
Upper Bracket Semifinals
Upper Bracket Final
Lower Bracket Round 1
Lower Bracket Round 2
Lower Bracket Round 3
Lower Bracket Final
Grand Final


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