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ESEA Season 37: Advanced Division - Europe

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[e][h]ESEA Season 37: Advanced Division - Europe
League Information
Europe Europe
Prize Pool:
$20,000 USD
Start Date:
End Date:
Liquipedia Tier:



  • Regular Season:
    • Round-Robin league format
      • All teams play 16 matches
      • All matches are Bo1
    • Top 16 teams proceed to the Playoffs
    • Click here to show the tie-breaker process
  1. Overall record
  2. Most rounds won in regulation
  3. Least rounds lost in regulation
  4. Coinflip if all other tie breakers are indecisive
  • Playoffs:
    • Double-Elimination bracket
    • All matches (excl. Grand Final) are Bo3
    • Grand Final is Bo5 (1 map advantage to the UB team)

Prize Pool[edit]

$20,000 USD are spread among the teams as seen below:

Note: Teams with less than 6 wins will be demoted to the Main divison for Season 38.


1 May 31st - Norway Marcelious joins 777 Esports on a trial loan from Apeks. [1]
2 June 3rd - 777 Esports part ways with Sweden kicker while Norway fletch becomes the team's coach. [2]
1 May 10th - FATE Esports part ways with Serbia feedme. [3]
2 May 24th - FATE Esports sign Bulgaria numb. [4]
1 May 7th - PACT acquire Poland bnox from Pompa Team. [6]
2 June 4th - Poland Sobol is benched by mutual agreement. [7]
1 May 18th - Team Singularity bench Denmark notaN. [8]
2 May 19th - Team Singularity sign Denmark holzt and Denmark trace, the latter as coach. [9][10]
1 May 19th - Nexus Gaming acquire Romania lauNX from GameAgents. [11]
1Kazakhstan neaLaN
2Kazakhstan mou
3Russia n0rb3r7
4Kazakhstan AdreN
5Russia fame
1 May 17th - Budapest Five drop Hungary kamion. [12]
2 May 20th - Netherlands FASHR joins Budapest Five on trial. [13]
3 May 31st - Hungary torzsi is acquired by an undisclosed team. Bulgaria mar joins on trial. [14][15]
4 June 7th - Netherlands FASHR completes his trial successfully and joins Budapest Five on a permanent basis. [16]
1 May 13th - Esports Club Kyiv part ways with Ukraine muR and add Ukraine uQlutzavr on a trial basis. [17]
2 May 29th - Esports Club Kyiv sign Ukraine DarkS1DE as coach. [18]
1 June 2nd - GROND part ways with Azerbaijan t0rick. [19]
1 May 11th - Team ESCA Gaming disband due to Poland maaryy leaving to another team. However, they will continue to play together as los kogutos. [20]
1 May 5th - Team Finest part ways with Denmark Basso. [21]
2 May 7th - Team Finest part ways with Israel meztal. [22]
3 May 10th - Team Finest sign Norway Radifaction. [23]
4 May 11th - Team Finest sign Netherlands rilax. [24]
5 May 12th - Team Finest sign Bulgaria Rock1nG and Serbia soLo as coach. [25][26]
6 June 21st - Team Finest part ways with Israel shushan. [27]
1 May 6th - 4glory Esports sign Bosnia and Herzegovina sarenii and Serbia aVN. [28]
2 June 10th - 4glory Esports sign Serbia feedme as coach. [29]
1 June 10th - hREDS bench Finland Samppa. [30]
1 May 21st - M1 EDEN sign Poland SAYN. [31]
1 June 11th - Nordavind replace Denmark Rytter with United States m1cks as the head coach of their main lineup. [32][33]
1 May 23rd - No Limit Gaming and Germany skyye part ways. [34]
2 May 25th - No Limit Gaming acquire Germany kyuubii on loan from Sprout. [35]
1 May 11th - ONYX part ways with Serbia HOLMES. [37]
2 May 17th - ONYX sign Ukraine bondik and acquire Ukraine jR from HellRaisers. [38]
1 May 7th - France DEVIL leaves The Dice. [39]
1 June 1st - Sweden LNZ is benched as he is set to stand-in for Ninjas in Pyjamas. Sweden ztr returns to Young Ninjas' starting lineup. [40]
2 June 4th - Young Ninjas bench Sweden Mann3n as they add Sweden Ro1f as the first winner of the "Path of a Ninja" program. [41]
1 May 10th - Belgium ritchiEE steps down from eClub Brugge. [42]
2 May 26th - eClub Brugge sign North Macedonia Necrogenes1s. Belgium CrePoW joins from Project Eversio as the sixth player. [43]
1 May 15th - Germany DreaM parts ways with Sissi State Punks. [44]
2 June 1st - Sissi State Punks sign Germany cover as coach. [45]
1 April 23rd - LowLandLions part ways with Netherlands blackie. [46]
2 June 11th - Netherlands eneshan leaves LowLandLions. [47]
1 May 7th - PACT acquire Poland bnox from Pompa Team. [6]
2 May 8th - Pompa Team part ways with Poland koyot. [48]
3 May 11th - Pompa Team add Poland mouz on trial. [49]
4 June 6th - Poland mouz joins Pompa Team on a permanent basis. [50]
5 June 17th - Pompa team bench Poland Miki Z Afryki. [51]
1 May 10th - Poland morelz joins Tarczynski Protein Team on trial. [52]
2 May 12th - Tarczynski Protein Team part ways with Poland REVxD. [53]
3 June 1st - Poland morelz completes his trial and joins Tarczynski Protein Team on a permanent basis. [54]
1 May 31st - VELOX acquire Spain TiN from RVNS Esports to replace Portugal kst. [55][56]
1Estonia eku
1Denmark Maze
2Bulgaria milky
3Brazil horvy
4Iran x1ron
5Poland REV
CDenmark Phoey
1 June 16th - Peak Esports lose the remainder of their lineup. They reform as BELIEVE and add Brazil horvy, Iran x1ron, and Poland REV. [57]
1 April 13th - WaitForTag rename to Akuma. [58]
1 May 22nd - Chetz Esports part ways with Estonia eku. [59]
2 May 28th - Serbia HOLMES joins Chetz Esports on loan from ONYX. [60]
1 May 25th - CrowCrowd release their lineup. They will continue playing together as zxc. [61]
1 June 2nd - Alpha Gaming trade Denmark jekuzih for Denmark zypztw with Tricked Esport. [62]
1 June 1st - Trident Clan bench Russia seized. [63]
2 June 10th - Trident Clan add Slovakia GuardiaN as a stand-in and bench Russia tricky. Additionally, Russia seized returns to the active lineup while Russia futur is released. [64][65]
1 May 5th - NASR Esports part ways with Kosovo Dementor. [66]
2 June 18th - Hungary gejmzilla leaves NASR Esports. [67]
1 May 31st - release their lineup. [68]
2 June 13rd - NYYRIKKI Esports sign [69]
1 May 10th - Entropiq transfer their current roster to Entropiq Prague. [70]
1 May 8th - UMX Gaming sign United Kingdom volt and add Ireland Atrox as a stand-in. [71]
2 May 22nd - United Kingdom Maza returns to UMX Gaming's active roster, as a result Ireland Atrox leaves. [72][73]
3 June 7th - United Kingdom Maza and United Kingdom Keto leave UMX Gaming. [74][75]
1 June 16th - PENTA Sports part ways their roster. The core continues to play and replace Germany florento with Germany DreaM. [76]
1 June 3rd - 1win part ways with Russia DavCost while Russia Ravenlot joins on trial. [77]


Regular Season[edit]

Proceed to Playoffs
Return for S38 Advanced
Demoted to S38 Main

Note: Teams with less than 6 wins will be demoted.

For detailed match results for Weeks 1–2, click here.
For detailed match results for Weeks 3–4, click here.
For detailed match results for Weeks 5–6, click here.
For detailed match results for Week 7, click here.
For detailed match results for Week 8, click here.


Upper Bracket Round 1
Upper Bracket Round 2
Upper Bracket Round 3
Upper Bracket Final
Lower Bracket Round 1
Lower Bracket Round 2
Lower Bracket Round 3
Lower Bracket Round 4
Lower Bracket Round 5
Lower Bracket Final
Grand Final
TBD have a 1 map advantage as the upper-bracket team


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