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ESEA Season 37: Premier Division - Australia

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[e][h]ESEA Season 37: Premier Division - Australia
League Information
Australia Australia
Prize Pool:
$9,250 USD
Start Date:
End Date:
Liquipedia Tier:



  • Regular Season:
    • Two Round-Robin format groups
      • All teams play each other once
      • All matches are Bo3
    • Top 4 teams from each group proceed to the Playoffs
    • Click here to show the tie-breaker process
  1. Points amassed between tied teams (mini-league)
  2. Map difference between tied teams
  3. Map wins between ties teams
  4. Overall map difference
  5. Overall map wins
  6. Round difference between ties teams
  7. Round wins between tied teams
  8. Overall round difference
  9. Overall round wins
  • Playoffs:
    • Double-Elimination bracket
    • All matches (excl. Grand Final) are Bo3
    • Grand Final is Bo5 (1 map advantage to the UB team)

Prize Pool[edit]

$9,250 USD are spread among the teams as seen below:

Note: Team move-downs not confirmed and are subject to change without warning.


1 April 14th - Chiefs Esports Club part ways with Australia apocdud. [1]
1 April 15th - Dire Wolves sign Australia Mayker as coach. [2]
1 April 21st - VERTEX Esports Club signs Australia Roflko and Australia apocdud. [3]
1 May 5th - R!OT Gaming replace Australia callum_murray with Australia Anima. [4]
1 May 1th - Villains Esports's lineup is acquired by Bandits Esports Club. Additionally, Australia doris replaces United States ebmarah on the starting lineup. [5]
1 April 24th - Australia Sliimey steps down from Hazard Esports due to being too young to play in ESEA Premier Season 37. [6]


Regular Season[edit]

Group A[edit]

Group A Standings
1. Renegades2-064-28+366p
2. Dire Wolves1-041-28+133p
3. BBBMBCBS1-150-68-183p
4. Animal Squad1-184-85-13p
5. VERTEX Esports Club1-279-86-73p
6. R!OT Gaming1-191-78+133p
. Hazard Esports-   
. Overperformers-   
9. Sylyx Esports0-243-79-360p

Group B[edit]

Group B Standings
1. ORDER2-075-58+176p
2. Caught off Guard2-175-73+26p
3. Rooster1-152-46+63p
4. Paradox Esports1-170-54+163p
5. Dynasty Esports Club1-153-39+143p
6. Simplicity1-146-4603p
. Bandits Esports Club-   
. Chiefs Esports Club-   
9. chupapi munyanyo0-341-96-550p

Proceed to Playoffs
Return for Season 39
Pre-Relegation (11-12th)
Sent to Relegation
Pre-Demotion (15-16th)
Demoted to Advanced

For detailed results for Weeks 1–4, click here.
For detailed results for Weeks 5–9, click here.

Placement Matches[edit]

11-12th Place Match
15-16th Place Match


Upper Bracket Quarterfinals
Upper Bracket Semifinals
Upper Bracket Final
Lower Bracket Round 1
Lower Bracket Round 2
Lower Bracket Round 3
Lower Bracket Final
Grand Final