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ESEA Season 39

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EventDatePrize Pool 1st 2nd
Europe2021-11-02 to 2021-12-19$50,000SproutSprout SproutEntropiqEntropiq Entropiq
North America2021-11-02 to 2021-12-19$50,000Extra SaltExtra Salt Extra SaltChocoCheckChocoCheck ChocoCheck
Australia2021-11-02 to 2021-12-20$6,500LookingForOrgLookingForOrg LookingForOrgORDERORDER ORDER


EventDatePrize Pool 1st 2nd
Europe2021-10-22 to 2021-12-15$20,000SKADESKADE SKADELinx Legacy eSportLinx Legacy eSport Linx Legacy eSport
North America2021-10-22 to 2021-12-14$20,000MIBRMIBR MIBRX13X13 X13


EventDatePrize Pool 1st 2nd
Europe2021-10-21 to 2022-01-09$10,000iNationiNation iNationSC e-SportsSC e-Sports SC e-Sports
North America2021-10-21 to 2022-01-09$10,000Rectify EsportsRectify Esports Rectify EsportsRevelRevel Revel


EventDatePrize Pool 1st 2nd
Europe2021-10-21 to 2022-01-09$6,300WebsterzWebsterz WebsterzSAWO EsportsSAWO Esports SAWO Esports
North America2021-10-21 to 2022-01-09$6,300GOTTA BLASTGOTTA BLAST GOTTA BLASThenny priceshenny prices henny prices
South Africa2021-10-21 to 2021-12-19$4,500Goliath GamingGoliath Gaming Goliath GamingBravado GamingBravado Gaming Bravado Gaming


EventDatePrize Pool 1st 2nd
Asia2021-10-22 to 2021-12-19$3,500Born in the EastBorn in the East Born in the EastMoon EsportsMoon Esports Moon Esports
Europe2021-10-21 to 2022-01-09$3,200no meat plsno meat pls no meat plsVAMOS eSportsVAMOS eSports VAMOS eSports
North America2021-10-21 to 2022-01-09$3,2008rwscokelines8rwscokelines 8rwscokelinesPEACHES N CREAMPEACHES N CREAM PEACHES N CREAM
Australia2021-10-21 to 2021-12-15$1,500Nut-E GamingNut-E Gaming Nut-E GamingMeinserMeinser Meinser
Latin America2021-10-21 to 2022-01-09$1,500IMBA FORCEIMBA FORCE IMBA FORCEManiacs ExecutorsManiacs Executors Maniacs Executors
South Africa2021-10-21 to 2021-12-19$1,000NewellistsNewellists NewellistsMayo AddictsMayo Addicts Mayo Addicts