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ESEA Season 40

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ESL Challenger League[edit]

EventDatePrize Pool 1st 2nd
Europe2022-01-25 to 2022-04-03$50,000HEETHEET HEET1win1win 1win
North America2022-01-19 to 2022-04-03$50,000MIBRMIBR MIBRCarpe DiemCarpe Diem Carpe Diem
Asia-Pacific2022-02-08 to 2022-04-03$20,000Rare AtomRare Atom Rare AtomTYLOOTYLOO TYLOO


EventDatePrize Pool 1st 2nd
Europe2022-01-31 to 2022-04-03$20,000K23K23 K23Sangal EsportsSangal Esports Sangal Esports
North America2022-01-31 to 2022-04-03$20,000MythicMythic MythicUnjustified GamingUnjustified Gaming Unjustified Gaming


EventDatePrize Pool 1st 2nd
Europe2022-01-30 to 2022-04-10$10,000For The Win EsportsFor The Win Esports For The Win EsportsAVANGARAVANGAR AVANGAR
North America2022-01-30 to 2022-04-10$10,000ImperialImperial ImperialRUNnGUNRUNnGUN RUNnGUN
South Africa2022-01-30 to 2022-04-11$5,500Goliath GamingGoliath Gaming Goliath GamingVYBNVYBN VYBN


EventDatePrize Pool 1st 2nd
Europe2022-01-30 to 2022-04-10$6,000WolsungWolsung Wolsung10AVG10AVG 10AVG
North America2022-01-30 to 2022-04-10$6,000Vicious MidgetsVicious Midgets Vicious MidgetsThe JungleThe Jungle The Jungle
South Africa2022-01-30 to 2022-04-04$2,200Exdee GamingExdee Gaming Exdee GamingSymbiosis GamingSymbiosis Gaming Symbiosis Gaming


EventDatePrize Pool 1st 2nd
Europe2022-01-30 to 2022-04-10$3,000Heaven and Hell EsportsHeaven and Hell Esports Heaven and Hell EsportsFree TON TeamFree TON Team Free TON Team
North America2022-01-30 to 2022-04-10$3,000timbermentimbermen timbermenThe Ganja GoonsThe Ganja Goons The Ganja Goons
Oceania2022-01-30 to 2022-04-04$2,000DGG EsportsDGG Esports DGG EsportsElemental EsportsElemental Esports Elemental Esports
Latin America2022-01-30 to 2022-04-10$1,500Ninja AcademyNinja Academy Ninja AcademyWeekend WarriorsWeekend Warriors Weekend Warriors
Asia-Pacific2022-01-30 to 2022-04-04$1,000Born in MongoliaBorn in Mongolia Born in Mongoliadarksidedarkside darkside
South Africa2022-01-30 to 2022-04-03$600ClownspireClownspire ClownspireXvG MiracleXvG Miracle XvG Miracle