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ESL ANZ Champs

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The ESL ANZ Champs (formerly ESL AU & NZ Championship) is the National Championship and the highest division of Counter-Strike: Global Offensive of the Oceanic region.


EventDatePrize Pool 1st 2nd
Season 152022-09-12 to 2022-12-04$13,299.98Grayhound Gaming Grayhound GamingRooster Rooster
Season 142022-02-28 to 2022-05-01$14,145.15Renegades RenegadesVERTEX Esports ClubVERTEX Esports Club VERTEX Esports Club
Season 132021-08-16 to 2021-10-24$14,926.35LookingForOrgLookingForOrg LookingForOrgORDER ORDER
Season 122021-03-08 to 2021-05-09$15,687.26ORDER ORDERDire Wolves Dire Wolves
Season 112020-05-26 to 2020-08-22$14,319.040Renegades RenegadesRooster Rooster
Season 102020-03-03 to 2020-04-05$11,990.71Avant GamingAvant Gaming Avant GamingORDER ORDER
Season 92019-09-28 to 2019-09-29$13,517.96ORDER ORDERChiefs Esports ClubChiefs Esports Club Chiefs Esports Club
Season 82019-06-15 to 2019-06-16$13,752.040ORDER ORDERGenuine Gaming Genuine Gaming
Season 72018-11-09 to 2018-11-11$14,455.65Chiefs Esports ClubChiefs Esports Club Chiefs Esports ClubGrayhound Gaming Grayhound Gaming
Season 62018-06-15 to 2018-06-17$14,876.38Chiefs Esports ClubChiefs Esports Club Chiefs Esports ClubORDER ORDER
Season 52017-09-12 to 2017-10-12$2,333.76Kings Gaming Club Kings Gaming ClubGrayhound Gaming Grayhound Gaming
Season 42017-08-20$7,415Kings Gaming Club Kings Gaming ClubAvant Garde Avant Garde
Season 32017-05-20 to 2017-05-21$7,415Avant Garde Avant GardeLegacy eSports Legacy eSports
Season 22016-11-05 to 2016-11-06$12,280Athletico AthleticoChiefs Esports ClubChiefs Esports Club Chiefs Esports Club
Season 12016-07-23 to 2016-07-24$7,461.55Athletico AthleticoParallax Parallax

Selected Statistics[edit]

Medals Won per Team[edit]

# Team Total
1. Chiefs Esports Club Chiefs Esports Club x2 x1 x3
2. Kings Gaming Club Kings Gaming Club x2 x2
3. Avant Gaming100x50px link=Avant Gaming Avant Gaming x1 x1 x1 x3
4. ORDER100x50px link=ORDER ORDER x1 x1 x2
5. Grayhound Gaming Grayhound Gaming x2 x2
6. Legacy Esports Legacy Esports x1 x1 x2
7. Athletico Esports Athletico Esports x2 x2
7. Tainted Minds Tainted Minds x2 x2
9. madlikewizards madlikewizards x1 x1
9. Corvidae100x50px link=Corvidae Corvidae x1 x1
9. Breakaway Esports Breakaway Esports x1 x1
9. Funky Monkeys Funky Monkeys x1 x1
9. Anonymous100x50px link=Anonymous Anonymous x1 x1
9. Ground Zero Gaming Ground Zero Gaming x1 x1



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