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ESL Adria League


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ESL/Adria League is the highest division of Counter-Strike: Global Offensive of the Adria region.


Season Date Winner Runner-Up
Season 1 2017-08-19 – 2017-11-25
Season 2 2018-09-04 – 2018-11-25
Season 3 2019-05-26 – 2019-06-16
Season 4 2019-09-12 – 2019-11-16

Selected Statistics[edit]

Medals won per Team[edit]

# Team Total
1. Valiance x2 x2
2. Team uNiQUE x1 x1 x2
3. Juggernauts x1 x1
4. KlikTech x2 x2
5. Squared Esports x1 x1
5. GamePub x1 x1
5. theOverPowered x1 x1
8. Team TRTRR x1 x1
9. Zonic eSports x1 x1
9. Locastic Esports x1 x1
9. Vilay Esport.Black x1 x1



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