ESL European Nations Championship

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ESL European Nations Championship
Event Date Winner Runner-Up
ESL ENC Season 2004 2004-08-24 to 2004-08-27 Sweden Austria
ESL ENC Season 2005 2005-08-24 to 2005-08-27 Germany Bulgaria
ESL ENC Season 2006 2006-08-24 to 2006-08-27 Sweden Norway
ESL ENC Season 2007 2007-08-24 to 2007-08-26 Poland Germany
ESL ENC Season 2008 2008-04-29 to 2008-08-22 Sweden Germany
ESL ENC Season 2008 (CS:Source) 2008-04-29 to 2008-08-22 Czech Republic France
ESL ENC Season 2009 2009-06-02 to 2009-08-22 Sweden Germany
ESL ENC Season 2009 (CS:Source) 2009-06-02 to 2009-08-22 Germany France
ESL ENC Season 2010 2010-06-20 to 2010-08-22 Sweden Ukraine
ESL ENC Season 2010 (CS:Source) 2010-06-20 to 2010-08-22 United Kingdom Denmark


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