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ESL Pro League Season 11

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[e][h]ESL Pro League Season 11
League Information
Malta Malta
United States Denver
(Group Stage & Playoffs Start)
1STBANK Center
(Playoffs Top Six)
Prize Pool:
$750,000 USD
Start Date:
End Date:
Liquipedia Tier:
ESL Pro Tour Tier:
Masters Masters

This league has been cancelled.
The league has been divided into online European and North American divisions.

ESL Pro League Season 11 is the first season of the league following the introduction of permanent-partner teams to the league as well as the transition to a single global league instead of multiple regionalized leagues.

The regular season was initially intended to be held in a studio environment in Malta but was cancelled and moved online due to Malta closing its borders to multiple countries as a response to the increasing spread of COVID-19. The season finals were initially intended to be held in the 1STBANK Center, Denver but were cancelled and moved to a studio in Europe also due to the increasing spread of COVID-19. [1] The studio finals were also later cancelled due to further COVID-19 concerns with the league being regionalized again and moved entirely online. [2]


Broadcast Talent[edit]

  • Desk Host:
  • Analysts:
    • Australia SPUNJ (Chad Burchill)
    • Canada DAVEY (David Stafford)


  • Group Stage:
    • Four single round-robin format groups
      • Each group has six teams
      • All matches are Bo3
    • Group winners proceed to the Play-In for seeding
    • Group 2nd & 3rd place teams advance to the Round of 12

  • Play-In:
    • Two Single-Elimination matches
    • Both matches are Bo3
    • Winning teams advance to the Semifinals
    • Losing teams advance to the Quarterfinals

  • Playoffs:
    • Single-Elimination bracket
    • All matches (excl. Grand Final) are Bo3
    • The Grand Final is Bo5

Prize Pool[edit]

$750,000 USD are spread among the teams as seen below:

Base Prize Pool
Place $ USD
A11st $175,000
A22nd $60,000
A3A43rd - 4th $30,000
A5A65th - 6th $15,000
A7A87th - 8th $12,500
A9B39th - 12th $10,000
B4B713th - 16th $7,000
B8C217th - 20th $5,000
C3C621st - 24th $3,000
Tournament Circuit Points
Place ESL Pro Tour Pro Tour BLAST Premier Circuit BLAST Premier
A11st 1300 pts 3000 pts
A22nd 1000 pts 1500 pts
A3A43rd - 4th 775 pts 938 pts
A5A65th - 6th 575 pts 375 pts
A7A87th - 8th 400 pts 188 pts
A9B39th - 12th 250 pts -
B4B713th - 16th 100 pts -
B8C217th - 20th 50 pts -
Note: Teams are awarded a $5,000 USD bonus for each group stage win


1Denmark device
2Denmark dupreeh
3Denmark Xyp9x
4Denmark gla1ve
5Denmark Magisk
CDenmark zonic
Complexity Gaming
1United States oBo
2Denmark blameF
3United States RUSH
4Denmark k0nfig
5Bulgaria poizon
CUnited Kingdom keita
1Finland allu
2Finland sergej
3Finland Aerial
4Finland xseveN
5Finland suNny
CFinland Twista
Evil Geniuses
1United States Brehze
2Bulgaria CeRq
3United States Ethan
4United States tarik
5Canada stanislaw
CUnited States ImAPet
FaZe Clan
1Norway rain
2Bosnia and Herzegovina NiKo
3Sweden olofmeister
4Brazil coldzera
5Latvia broky
CSerbia YNk
1Sweden JW
2Sweden KRIMZ
3Sweden Brollan
4Sweden flusha
5Sweden Golden
CSweden Samuelsson
G2 Esports
1France kennyS
2France JaCkz
3France AmaNEk
4Serbia nexa
5Bosnia and Herzegovina huNter-
CFrance maLeK
1Netherlands chrisJ
2Estonia ropz
3Denmark karrigan
4Turkey woxic
5Slovakia frozen
CDenmark Rejin
Natus Vincere
1Russia flamie
2Ukraine s1mple
3Russia electronic
4Russia Boombl4
5Russia Perfecto
CUkraine B1ad3
Ninjas in Pyjamas
1Sweden REZ
2Sweden Lekr0
3Sweden Plopski
4Sweden twist
5Sweden nawwk
Team Liquid
1United States nitr0
2United States EliGE
3Canada Twistzz
4Canada NAF
5United States Stewie2K
CUnited States adreN
Team Vitality
1France apEX
2France RpK
3France ZywOo
4France shox
5France misutaaa
1 March 4th - United Kingdom ALEX steps down from Team Vitality. [3]
2 March 5th - Team Vitality sign France misutaaa. [4]
100 Thieves
1Australia AZR
2Australia jks
3Norway jkaem
4Australia Liazz
5New Zealand Gratisfaction
CSerbia kassad
1 February 11th - North replace Denmark mithR with Sweden Jumpy. [5][6]
1 January 31st - INTZ part ways with Brazil xand. [7]
2 February 18th - INTZ part ways with their lineup. [8]
3 February 24th - The former INTZ lineup is signed by BOOM Esports. Brazil felps is acquired on loan MIBR. [9][10]
1 January 29th - OG add Denmark ruggah as a coach. [11]


Group Stage[edit]

Group A[edit]

Group A
. Astralis-   
. ENCE-   
. Ninjas in Pyjamas-   
. Sharks Esports-   
. Team Vitality-   
March 16th - 24th, 2020

Group B[edit]

Group B
. Complexity Gaming-   
. Fnatic-   
. forZe-   
. FURIA Esports-   
. Heroic-   
. Natus Vincere-   
March 17th - 24th, 2020
Group A/B Play-In
 Winner of Group A
 Winner of Group A
 Winner of Group B
March 25, 2020 - 22:15 CET
 Winner of Group B

Group C[edit]

Group C
. 100 Thieves-   
. BOOM Esports-   
. Team Liquid-   
. mousesports-   
. Renegades-   
March 26th - April 3rd, 2020

Group D[edit]

Group D
. Evil Geniuses-   
. FaZe Clan-   
. G2 Esports-   
. North-   
. OG-   
. TYLOO-   
March 27th - April 3rd, 2020
Group C/D Play-In
 Winner of Group C
 Winner of Group C
 Winner of Group D
April 4, 2020 - 22:15 CET
 Winner of Group D


Round of 12
 Group Stage 2nd Place
 Group Stage 2nd Place
 Group Stage 3rd Place
April 5, 2020
 Group Stage 3rd Place
 Group Stage 2nd Place
 Group Stage 2nd Place
 Group Stage 3rd Place
April 5, 2020
 Group Stage 3rd Place
 Group Stage 2nd Place
 Group Stage 2nd Place
 Group Stage 3rd Place
April 6, 2020
 Group Stage 3rd Place
 Group Stage 2nd Place
 Group Stage 2nd Place
 Group Stage 3rd Place
April 6, 2020
 Group Stage 3rd Place
Round of 8
April 7, 2020
April 7, 2020
 Loser of Play-In
 Loser of Play-In
April 10, 2020 - 11:00 MDT
 Loser of Play-In
 Loser of Play-In
April 10, 2020 - 14:55 MDT
 Winner of Play-In
 Winner of Play-In
April 11, 2020 - 11:00 MDT
 Winner of Play-In
 Winner of Play-In
April 11, 2020 - 14:55 MDT
Grand Final
April 12, 2020 - 13:55 MDT

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