ESL Pro League Season 8 - Europe

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[e][h]ESL Pro League Season 8 - Europe
League Information
Europe Europe
Start Date:
End Date:
Liquipedia Tier:
Cache • Dust II • Inferno • Mirage • Nuke • Overpass • Train


Broadcast Talent[edit]

Main Broadcast[edit]

  • Host:
    • TBA
  • Analyst:
    • TBA
  • Commentator:
    • TBA
  • Observer:
    • TBA

Secondary Broadcast[edit]

  • Commentator:
    • TBA


  • Online Round-Robin League Format
  • All teams play each other in 2 consecutive Bo1 matches
    • Click here for information on the map veto process
  • Each team lists their maps in order of preference (1st-7th)
  • The lowest ranked map of the first team is banned
  • The 2 remaining lowest maps of the second team are banned
  • The now lowest remaining map of the first team is banned
  • The highest remaining map of each team is played as their home map, unless it was already played, then their second highest is played
    • In Regulation winners receive 3pts
    • In Overtime winners receive 2pts, losers receive 1pt
  • The top seven placed teams proceed to the offline finals
  • The top eleven placed teams continue to the next season
  • The teams placed 12th & 13th are sent to relegation
  • The bottom placed team is directly relegated to ESEA Premier

Prize Pool[edit]

$TBA USD are spread among the teams as seen below:


Fnatic4, 9
1Sweden KRIMZ 
2Sweden JW 
3Sweden flusha 
4Sweden Xizt 
5Sweden draken 
CSweden Jumpy 
G2 Esports5, 6
1France shox 
2France bodyy 
3France kennyS 
4France SmithZz 
5 TBD 
CFrance NiaK 
Heroic1, 2, 14, 17, 18
1Denmark MSL 
2Denmark aizy 
3Denmark valde 
4Denmark Kjaerbye 
5Denmark niko 
CDenmark ave 

For "News and Roster Changes" Click here.

1 Brazil peacemaker leaves Heroic. [1]
2 Sweden friberg joins Heroic as their new fifth. [2]
3 Sweden olofmeister returns from inactivity. Sweden Xizt is placed on the transfer list. [3]
4 Fnatic sign Sweden Xizt to replace Sweden Lekr0. [4]
5 G2 Esports bench Spain mixwell in order to allow him to explore other options. [5]
6 G2 Esports bring back France shox and France SmithZz, replacing France apEX and France NBK-. [6]
7 Ninjas in Pyjamas replace Sweden draken with Sweden Lekr0. [7]
8 Sweden olofmeister announces that he is not yet ready to return from inactivity. He returns to FaZe Clan's bench. [8] [9]
9 Fnatic replace Sweden Golden with Sweden draken. [10]
10 Windigo Gaming bench Bulgaria SPELLAN. [11]
11 Windigo Gaming sign Bulgaria blocker following his trial loan. [12]
12 mousesports replace Slovakia STYKO with Poland Snax. [13]
13 Sweden olofmeister officially returns from inactivity and rejoins the team. [14]
14 Norway RUBINO is released from his contract, Denmark AcilioN joins Heroic on a permanent basis. [15]
15 Poland snatchie leaves to join [16]
16 AGO Esports sign Poland SZPERO. [17]
17 North and Heroic swap Denmark mertz and Denmark niko, both on loan. [18] [19]
18 August 15th - Heroic sign Finland naSu as coach. [20]


For detailed match results, click here.

Proceed to Finals
Invited to Season 9
Relegated to Premier

Additional Content[edit]


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