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ESL Pro League Season 9 - Americas

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[e][h]ESL Pro League Season 9 - Americas
League Information
USA Burbank
Intel Esports Arena
Prize Pool:
$62,000 USD
Start Date:
End Date:
Liquipedia Tier:
Cache • Dust II • Inferno • Mirage • Nuke • Overpass • Train • Vertigo


Broadcast Talent[edit]

  • Desk Host:
  • Analysts:
    • USA moses (Jason O'Toole)
    • USA dusT (Dustin Mouret)
  • Commentators:


  • Round 1:
    • Four Round-Robin format Groups
      • 3 NA Groups; 1 LatAM Group
      • Each group has 4 teams
      • All matches are Bo3
      • Groups are seeded based on the ESL CS:GO World Rankings
    • For the Group Stage tiebreaker rules, click here.
    • Group winners proceed to the Finals
    • Group 2nd & 3rd place teams advance to Round 2
    • Group 4th place teams are sent to Pre-Relegation

  • Round 2:
    • Two Round-Robin format Groups
      • Each group has 4 teams
      • All matches are Bo3
    • For the Group Stage tiebreaker rules, click here.
    • Group winners proceed to the Finals

Prize Pool[edit]

$62,000 USD are spread among the teams as seen below:


North American Teams[edit]

MIBR5, 14
1Brazil FalleN 
2Brazil fer 
3Brazil coldzera 
4Brazil TACO 
5Brazil felps 
CBrazil zews 
Renegades36, 39
1USA reltuC
1Australia AZR
2Australia jks
3Norway jkaem
4Australia liazz
United Kingdom smooya
CSerbia kassad
eUnited1, 3, 8, 13, 18, 20, 24, 42
1Canada moose
1USA Cooper-
2Mexico MarKE
3USA vanity
4USA food
5USA motm
CCanada a2z
Cloud92, 22, 23, 26, 30, 31, 32, 40
CUSA Rambo
1USA autimatic
3Sweden Golden
4USA vice
5Denmark cajunb
CUSA valens
Complexity4, 7, 9, 28, 38, 41
1USA n0thing
1United Kingdom dephh
2Canada stanislaw
3USA ShahZaM
5USA yay
CUSA Warden
Luminosity9, 19, 28, 29, 30, 34, 37
1Brazil NEKIZ 
2Brazil steel 
3Brazil HEN1 
4Brazil LUCAS1 
5Brazil boltz 
CBrazil zakk 
Lazarus10, 12, 16, 17, 20, 25, 33

For "News and Roster Changes" Click here.

1 November 11th - United States Cooper- joins eUnited, United States Relyks is benched. [1]
2 November 17th - Cloud9 sign France kioShiMa. [2]
3 November 27th - eUnited bench United States dazzLe, United States Relyks returns to the starting lineup. [3]
4 December 20th - compLexity Gaming bench United States yay and release United States Rambo. [4]
5 December 21st - Team Liquid transfer Brazil TACO and Brazil zews to MIBR in exchange for United States Stewie2K. [5]
6 December 22nd - Team Liquid sign United States adreN as their new coach. [6]
7 December 22nd - compLexity Gaming bench Canada ANDROID. [7]
8 December 23rd - eUnited release United States osorandom. [8]
9 December 28th - compLexity Gaming sign Australia Rickeh. [9]
10 December 29th - United States Zellsis leaves Swole Patrol to join Cloud9 as a trial stand-in while Sweden Golden recovers from illness. [10] Since Swole Patrol no longer retain 3/5 players who played the MDL Final, the team's license will be up for review by ESL.
11 December 31st - Team Envy release United States Pollo.[11]
12 January 1st - United States food and United States vanity join Swole Patrol. [12]
13 January 10th - United States dazzLe returns to eUnited's starting lineup as United States Relyks is released. [13][14]
14 January 12th - MIBR replace United States tarik with Brazil felps as he leaves INTZ eSports. [15]
15 January 12th - INTZ eSports sign Brazil destinyy and Brazil yeL, Brazil horvy is benched. [16]
16 January 18th - United States freakazoid replaces Canada Subroza on Ghost Gaming. [17]
17 January 27th - United States fRoD joins Swole Patrol as a trial coach. [18]
18 January 29th - Canada FNS leaves eUnited. [19]
19 January 31st - Rogue sign Denmark niko. [20]
20 February 10th - eUnited acquire Mexico MarKE, United States food, and United States vanity from Swole Patrol. [21]
21 February 28th - NRG Esports replace United States FugLy with United States tarik. [22]
22 March 2nd - Sweden flusha steps down from Cloud9. Sweden Golden returns to the starting lineup. [23]
23 March 4th - Cloud9 part ways with United States Zellsis. [24]
24 March 12th - eUnited sign Canada a2z as their new coach. [25]
25 March 21st - United States Zellsis, United States dapr, United States Infinite and Canada Subroza, join Swole Patrol. [26] As Swole Patrol still only retain swag and Zellsis from their MDL season, their license will be up for review by ESL.
26 March 22nd - United States Rambo replaces United States valens as Cloud9's head coach. [27]
27 March 22nd - Team Envy overhaul their roster with the additions of United States s0m, Canada ANDROID, and United States FugLy. United States Drone and United States reltuC are released. [28]
28 March 22nd - compLexity Gaming acquire United States SicK from Rogue. United States n0thing's stand-in period ends with compLexity Gaming. [29]
29 March 22nd - Rogue announce that after StarSeries i-League Season 7 the team would be disbanding, with Denmark MSL and Denmark niko leaving to join a European team. [30] Since the Rogue organization no longer holds the license, the team only retains 1 player who played in relegation, and it is unlikely that United States Hiko will form a new team in time for the new season, the fate of Rogue's slot is unknown.
30 March 23rd - Cloud9 add United States vice on trial. [31]
31 March 31st - Cloud9 release France kioShiMa. [32]
32 April 2nd - Cloud9 sign Denmark cajunb. [33]
33 April 4th - Lazarus Esports sign the Swole Patrol roster. [34]
34 April 5th - ESL announce that the slot formerly belonging to Rogue will be filled by a new team which will be announced at a later date. [35]
35 April 5th - INTZ eSports will use Brazil horvy and Brazil SHOOWTiME in place of Brazil kNgV- and Brazil destiny due to visa issues. [36]
36 April 9th - BIG loan United Kingdom smooya to Renegades as New Zealand Gratisfaction experiences visa issues. [37] Additionally, Renegades announce that United States reltuC will fill in for Norway jkaem if the latter's passport is not available in time. [38]
37 April 11th - ESL announce that the slot formerly belonging to Rogue will be transferred to Luminosity Gaming. [39]
38 April 11th - Australia Rickeh will miss the tournament due to visa issues. United States n0thing will stand-in for him. [40]
39 April 12th - Norway jkaem is confirmed to miss the tournament due to travel issues. United States reltuC will stand-in for him. It is later revealed that Norway jkaem will be able to make the last two days of Group A. [41] [42]
40 May 3rd - United States valens replaces United States Rambo as coach of Cloud9. [43]
41 May 14th - United States yay will stand-in for Australia Rickeh on Complexity Gaming in the second group stage. [44]
42 May 14th - United States motm will stand-in for Canada moose on eUnited in the second group stage. [45]

Latin American Teams[edit]

For "News and Roster Changes" Click here.

1 March 30th - Peru BRUNO won't attend the event due to visa issues. [46]
2 April 4th - Mexico blue will complete Team Jaguar as Peru BRUNO's replacement. [47]
3 April 4th - Denial Esports sign Team Jaguar. [48]
4 April 10th - Infinity Esports sign FULL SEND.[49]


Round 1[edit]

North American Group A[edit]

North American Group A
April 12 - 14th, 2019
1. NRG Esports2-195-86+96p
2. eUnited2-186-71+156p
3. Renegades2-193-85+86p
4. INTZ eSports0-364-96-320p

North American Group B[edit]

North American Group B
April 16 - 18th, 2019
1. Team Liquid3-0108-40+689p
2. Ghost Gaming2-196-101-56p
3. compLexity Gaming1-2103-125-223p
4. Lazarus Esports0-358-99-410p

North American Group C[edit]

North American Group C
April 19 - 21st, 2019
1. Luminosity Gaming2-1112-89+236p
2. MIBR2-179-60+196p
3. Cloud92-188-90-26p
4. Team Envy0-365-105-400p

Latin American Group[edit]

Latin American Group
April 23 - 25th, 2019
1. DETONA Gaming3-0120-86+349p
2. Isurus Gaming2-1102-70+326p
3. Infinity Esports1-280-101-213p
4. Denial Esports0-380-125-450p
Proceed to the Finals
Proceed to Round 2

Round 2[edit]

Group A[edit]

Group A
May 14 - 16th, 2019
1. MIBR3-0107-70+379p
2. Renegades2-192-73+196p
3. Isurus Gaming1-283-104-213p
4. Complexity Gaming0-398-133-350p

Group B[edit]

Group B
May 21 - 23rd, 2019
1. Cloud93-0117-84+339p
2. Ghost Gaming2-1116-99+176p
3. eUnited1-2111-101+103p
4. Infinity Esports0-336-96-600p

Proceed to the Finals

Additional Content[edit]


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