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ESL Pro League

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[e][h]ESL Pro League
Series Information
Varied Each Season
World World
Start Date:
Cumulative Prize Pool:
$17,672,961 USD
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ESL Pro League (formerly ESL ESEA Pro League) is a venture between ESL and ESEA.


On April 28th, 2015, ESL announced a joint venture with ESEA to provide a Counter-Strike: Global Offensive league with $1,000,000 USD in total prize money for its first two seasons in 2015. [1] Initially, the competition only covered European and North American regions, however, in later seasons, it expanded and opened up the opportunity for teams in Asian, Oceanic, and South American regions to participate as well. Throughout its 15 seasons, the events are scheduled around Valve's Major tournament system, with offline finals in various locations around the world.



EventDatePrize Pool 1st 2nd
Season 202024-09-03 to 2024-09-22$750,000To Be Determined TBDTo Be Determined TBD
Season 192024-04-23 to 2024-05-12$750,000MOUZ MOUZTeam VitalityTeam Vitality Team Vitality
Season 182023-08-30 to 2023-10-01$850,000MOUZ MOUZNatus VincereNatus Vincere Natus Vincere
Season 172023-02-22 to 2023-03-26$850,000FaZe ClanFaZe Clan FaZe ClanCloud9 Cloud9
Season 162022-08-31 to 2022-10-02$835,000Team Vitality Team VitalityTeam LiquidTeam Liquid Team Liquid
Season 152022-03-09 to 2022-04-10$823,000FaZe ClanFaZe Clan FaZe ClanENCE ENCE
Season 142021-08-16 to 2021-09-12$750,000Natus VincereNatus Vincere Natus VincereTeam Vitality Team Vitality
Season 132021-03-08 to 2021-04-11$750,000HeroicHeroic HeroicGambit Esports Gambit Esports
Season 122020-09-02 to 2020-10-11$750,000Cancelled
Season 112020-03-16 to 2020-04-12$750,000Cancelled
Season 102019-12-03 to 2019-12-08$600,000mousesports mousesportsFnatic Fnatic
Season 92019-06-18 to 2019-06-23$600,000Team LiquidTeam Liquid Team LiquidG2 EsportsG2 Esports G2 Esports
Season 82018-12-04 to 2018-12-09$750,000Astralis AstralisTeam LiquidTeam Liquid Team Liquid
Season 72018-05-15 to 2018-05-20$750,000Astralis AstralisTeam LiquidTeam Liquid Team Liquid
Season 62017-12-05 to 2017-12-10$750,000SK GamingSK Gaming SK GamingFaZe Clan FaZe Clan
Season 52017-05-30 to 2017-06-04$750,000G2 Esports G2 EsportsNorthNorth North
Season 42016-10-26 to 2016-10-30$600,000Cloud9 Cloud9SK GamingSK Gaming SK Gaming
Season 32016-05-11 to 2016-05-15$512,000Luminosity Gaming Luminosity GamingG2 Esports G2 Esports
Season 22015-12-10 to 2015-12-13$250,000Fnatic FnaticNatus Vincere Natus Vincere
Season 12015-07-02 to 2015-07-05$250,000Fnatic FnaticCloud9 Cloud9


EventDatePrize Pool 1st 2nd
Season 122020-09-01 to 2020-10-04$450,000Astralis AstralisNatus Vincere Natus Vincere
Season 112020-03-16 to 2020-04-12$531,000Fnatic Fnaticmousesports mousesports
Season 102019-10-08 to 2019-11-18$60,000To Be Determined TBD
Season 92019-04-12 to 2019-05-23$60,000To Be Determined TBD
Season 82018-10-02 to 2018-11-14$105,000To Be Determined TBD
Season 72018-02-13 to 2018-04-26$105,000To Be Determined TBD
Season 62017-08-22 to 2017-11-11$125,000To Be Determined TBD
Season 52017-02-07 to 2017-05-11$125,000To Be Determined TBD
Season 42016-08-17 to 2016-10-13$75,000To Be Determined TBD
Season 32016-02-09 to 2016-04-26$119,000To Be Determined TBD
Season 22015-09-15 to 2015-11-17$125,000To Be Determined TBD
Season 12015-05-04 to 2015-06-24$125,000To Be Determined TBD


EventDatePrize Pool 1st 2nd
Season 122020-09-01 to 2020-09-27$225,000FURIA Esports FURIA Esports100 Thieves100 Thieves 100 Thieves
Season 112020-03-26 to 2020-04-12$219,000Team LiquidTeam Liquid Team LiquidEvil GeniusesEvil Geniuses Evil Geniuses
Season 102019-10-08 to 2019-11-18$62,000Evil GeniusesEvil Geniuses EGMIBRMIBR MIBRSharks Esports SharksTeam LiquidTeam Liquid Liquid100 Thieves100 Thieves 100TATK ATK
Season 92019-04-12 to 2019-05-23$62,000DETONA Gaming DETONALuminosity Gaming LGNRG EsportsNRG Esports NRGTeam LiquidTeam Liquid LiquidCloud9 C9MIBRMIBR MIBR
Season 82018-10-02 to 2018-11-14$87,000MIBRMIBR MIBRGhost GamingGhost Gaming GhostTeam LiquidTeam Liquid LiquidNRG EsportsNRG Esports NRGRenegades RNGINTZ eSports INTZ
Season 72018-02-13 to 2018-04-26$87,000Team LiquidTeam Liquid LiquidNRG EsportsNRG Esports NRGOpTic GamingOpTic Gaming OpTicCloud9 C9Renegades RNGSK GamingSK Gaming SK
Season 62017-08-22 to 2017-11-12$125,000OpTic GamingOpTic Gaming OpTicSK GamingSK Gaming SKTeam LiquidTeam Liquid LiquidNRG EsportsNRG Esports NRGMisfits Gaming MSFLuminosity Gaming LG
Season 52017-02-07 to 2017-05-11$125,000SK GamingSK Gaming SKTeam LiquidTeam Liquid LiquidImmortals IMTNRG EsportsNRG Esports NRGCloud9 C9OpTic GamingOpTic Gaming OpTic
Season 42016-08-17 to 2016-10-13$75,000Cloud9 C9Immortals IMTSK GamingSK Gaming SKOpTic GamingOpTic Gaming OpTicNRG eSportsNRG eSports NRGTeam Liquid Liquid
Season 32016-02-09 to 2016-04-26$119,000Luminosity Gaming LGCloud9 C9OpTic GamingOpTic Gaming OpTicTeam Liquid Liquid
Season 22015-09-15 to 2015-11-19$125,000Team Liquid LiquidLuminosity Gaming LGConquest CQCounter Logic Gaming CLG
Season 12015-05-04 to 2015-06-22$125,000Cloud9 C9Keyd Stars kStarsLuminosity Gaming LGCounter Logic Gaming CLG