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Esports Championship Series Season 5 - North America

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[e][h]Esports Championship Series Season 5 - North America
League Information
North America North America
Prize Pool:
$45,000 USD
Start Date:
End Date:
Liquipedia Tier:
Cache • Cobblestone • Inferno • Nuke • Mirage • Overpass • Train


Broadcast Talent[edit]


  • Online Round-Robin League Format

Prize Pool[edit]

$45,000 USD are spread among the teams as seen below:


1 March 30th - United States Skadoodle announces his inactivity and steps down from Cloud9. [1]
2 March 30th - United States Stewie2K is acquired by SK Gaming. [2]
3 April 2nd - Cloud9 acquire Canada FNS from compLexity Gaming. [3]
4 April 11th - United States Skadoodle returns from inactivity and rejoins Cloud9. [4]
1 February 5th - Team Liquid acquire Canada NAF from Renegades. United States jdm64 is benched. [5]
2 April 6th - Team Liquid sign Brazil TACO as Brazil steel steps down. [6]
1 January 15th - NRG Esports acquire United States nahtE from Counter Logic Gaming. [7]
2 March 1st - United Kingdom Immi joins NRG Esports as their coach ahead of their start to the season. [8]
1 February 6th - OpTic Gaming release Spain mixwell. [9]
2 February 7th - Denmark Magisk transfers to Astralis. [10]
3 February 7th - OpTic Gaming announce a new lineup; Canada stanislaw, United States ShahZaM rejoin, along with Denmark k0nfig, Denmark cajunb, and Denmark gade being acquired from North, the latter joining on loan from their Academy team. Sweden friberg, Finland allu and Estonia HS are removed from the starting lineup. [11][12]
4 April 24th - OpTic Gaming sign Denmark Snappi, Denmark JUGi and Denmark ruggah to replace Canada stanislaw, United States ShahZaM and United States ImAPet. [13]
1 March 22nd - Brazil TACO steps down from SK Gaming. [14]
2 March 30th - SK Gaming acquire United States Stewie2K from Cloud9. [2]
1 February 5th - Canada NAF transfers to Team Liquid. United States jdm64 is benched. [5]
2 February 8th - Renegades add Norway Jkaem as a long term stand-in. [15]
1 April 22nd - Brazil steel and Brazil zakk replace Brazil chelo and Brazil Apoka on Luminosity Gaming. [16]
1 January 30th - compLexity Gaming acquire Canada FNS from Counter Logic Gaming. [17]
2 April 2nd - Canada FNS is acquired by Cloud9. [3]
3 April 4th - United States Slemmy comes out of retirement to act as a long term stand-in for compLexity Gaming. [18]
4 May 7th - compLexity Gaming forfeit the remained of the ECS season due to a conflicting schedule with the ESL Pro League Season 7 Relegation. As a result of their forfeiture all of their matches during the season will be counted as losses. [19]
1 April 14th - United States mCe joins Rogue as a coach on trial. [20]
1 Counter Logic Gaming forfeit their spot in the league after being unable to field a roster, the slot will be filled by a third team from the Challenger Cup.
2 March 5th - eUnited sign the Rise Nation roster. [21]



1. NRG EsportsNRG Esports NRG Esports 17-1 283-182 +101 51p
2. Cloud9Cloud9 Cloud9 13-5 279-212 +67 39p
3. Team LiquidTeam Liquid Team Liquid 10-8 265-227 +38 30p
4. Luminosity GamingLuminosity Gaming Luminosity Gaming 10-8 220-223 -3 30p
5. RenegadesRenegades Renegades 10-8 206-236 -30 30p
6. eUnitedeUnited eUnited 9-9 197-210 -13 27p
7. SK GamingSK Gaming SK Gaming 9-9 210-202 +8 27p
8. RogueRogue Rogue 8-10 202-235 -33 24p
9. OpTic GamingOpTic Gaming OpTic Gaming 4-14 187-268 -81 12p
10. compLexity GamingcompLexity Gaming compLexity Gaming 0-18 148-213 -65 0p
Note: The above RD includes OTs & FFs, where as the RD used
for tie-breaking does not.

Detailed Results[edit]

For results of weeks 1-4, click here.

For results of weeks 5-6, click here.

Additional Content[edit]






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