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Esports Championship Series Season 7 - North America

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[e][h]Esports Championship Series Season 7 - North America
League Information
North America North America
Prize Pool:
$125,000 USD
Start Date:
End Date:
Liquipedia Tier:


Broadcast Talent[edit]

  • Observer:


  • Regular Season: March 11th - May 24th, 2019
    • Season is played out in 5 Online Series
      • Each Series is an 8 team Single-Elimination bracket
      • All matches are played as Bo3
      • Every Series has a $25,000 USD prize pool
    • The winners of the first 3 Series qualify to the Finals
    • Teams' prize pool winnings are totalled up at the end of the Regular Season
    • The first non-qualified team with the most winnings qualifies to the Finals

Prize Pool[edit]

$125,000 USD are spread among the teams as seen below:


   Note: If a Starting Team chooses not to participate in a series, they will be replaced by a 9th-10th place team from Season 6 or a Challenger Cup team.

Starting Teams[edit]

For notes on the "Starting Teams" Click here.

1 November 17th - France kioShiMa joins Cloud9. [1]
2 November 27th - eUnited bench United States dazzLe as United States Relyks returns to the active roster. [2]
3 December 20th - compLexity Gaming bench United States yay and release United States Rambo. [3]
4 December 21st - MIBR acquire Brazil TACO and Brazil zews from Team Liquid in exchange for United States Stewie2K. Additionally, MIBR bench Serbia YNk. [4][5]
5 December 22nd - compLexity Gaming bench Canada ANDROID. [6]
6 December 22nd - Team Liquid sign United States adreN as the team's new coach. [7]
7 December 23rd - eUnited release United States osorandom. [8]
8 December 28th - compLexity Gaming acquire Australia Rickeh from Rogue. [9]
9 December 29th - Cloud9 bench Sweden Golden amid the player's continued health problems. United States Zellsis joins the team on trial as his replacement. [10]
10 Januay 12th - MIBR bench United States tarik and acquire Brazil felps from INTZ eSports. [11]
11 January 13th - United States dazzLe returns to eUnited's starting lineup as United States Relyks is released. [12][13]
12 January 29th - Canada FNS steps down from eUnited. [14]
13 January 31st - Rogue acquire Denmark niko from OpTic Gaming. [15]
14 February 10th - eUnited acquire Mexico MarKE, United States food, and United States vanity from Swole Patrol. [16]
15 February 28th - NRG Esports replace United States FugLy with United States tarik. [17]
16 March 2nd - Sweden flusha steps down from Cloud9. Sweden Golden returns to the starting lineup. [18]
17 March 4th - Cloud9 part ways with United States Zellsis. [19]
18 March 12th - eUnited sign Canada a2z as their new coach. [20]
19 March 22nd - United States Rambo replaces United States valens as Cloud9's head coach. [21]
20 March 23rd - Cloud9 acquire United States vice from Rogue. [22]
21 March 31st - Cloud9 release France kioShiMa. [23]
22 April 2nd - Cloud9 sign Denmark cajunb. [24]
23 May 3rd - United States Rambo steps down from his role as coach om Cloud9. United States valens takes over the role of head coach. [25][26]

Challenger Teams[edit]

For notes on the "Challenger Teams" Click here.

1 April 4th - Denial Esports' roster is signed by ATK. [27]
2 April 7th - United States Mauisnake joins Spacestation Gaming as the team's coach. [28]
3 April 9th - United States Shakezullah completes this trial successfully and joins Team Singularity. [29]
4 April 13th - United States RZU leaves Bad News Bears, and United States shinobi transitions into being the coach of the team. [30]
5 April 17th - United States dazzLe and United States Relyks join Bad News Bears. [31]
6 April 23rd - United States dazzLe leaves Bad News Bears. [32]
7 May 5th - United States Relyks leaves Bad News Bears. United States shinobi returns to the starting lineup. [33]
8 May 15th - Canada TenZ leaves Bad News Bears, United States yay and United States crashies join the team. [34]



Note: Rogue withdraw, their Finals slot goes to compLexity. [35]

Series Results[edit]

Additional Content[edit]


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