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Esports Championship Series Season 8 - Europe

[e][h]Esports Championship Series Season 8 - Europe
League Information
Europe Europe
Prize Pool:
$125,000 USD
Start Date:
End Date:
Liquipedia Tier:
Dust II • Inferno • Nuke • Mirage • Overpass • Train • Vertigo


Broadcast Talent[edit]

  • Observer:


  • Regular Season: September 16th - October 31st, 2019
    • Season is played out in 5 Online Series
      • Each Series is an 8 team Single-Elimination bracket
      • All matches are played as Bo3
      • Every Series has a $25,000 USD prize pool
    • The team with the most prize winnings following the 2nd Series qualifies to the Finals
    • The winners of the following 3 Series qualify to the Finals

Prize Pool[edit]

$125,000 USD are spread among the teams as seen below:


   Note: If a Starting Team chooses not to participate in a series, they will be replaced by a 9th-10th place team from Season 7 or a Challenger Cup team.

Starting Teams[edit]

Ninjas in Pyjamas3, 14, 16
1Sweden f0rest 
2Sweden REZ 
3Sweden Lekr0 
4Sweden Plopski 
5Sweden twist 
CSweden pita 
Team Vitality9, 17
1France apEX 
2France RpK 
3France ZywOo 
4United Kingdom ALEX 
5France shox 
OpTic Gaming2, 6, 18
1Denmark k0nfig 
2Denmark MSL 
3Denmark niko 
4Denmark TeSeS 
5 TBD 
CDenmark ruggah 
1Kazakhstan buster 
2Kazakhstan qikert 
3Russia Jame 
4Uzbekistan SANJI 
5Kazakhstan AdreN 
CKazakhstan dastan 
North1, 18
1Denmark aizy 
2Denmark Kjaerbye 
3Denmark gade 
4Denmark JUGi 
5Denmark cajunb 
CDenmark mithR 
Fnatic7, 8, 11
1Sweden KRIMZ 
2Sweden JW 
3Sweden Brollan 
4Sweden flusha 
5Sweden Golden 
CSweden Samuelsson 
FaZe Clan10, 12, 13, 15
1Norway rain 
2Bosnia and Herzegovina NiKo 
3Sweden olofmeister 
4Brazil coldzera 
5Latvia broky 
CSerbia YNk 

For notes on the "Starting Teams" Click here.

1 May 2nd - Denmark JUGi replaces Denmark cadiaN on North. [1]
2 June 18th - OpTic Gaming part ways with Denmark Snappi. [2]
3 June 19th - Ninjas in Pyjamas bench Sweden dennis and sign Sweden Plopski. [3]
4 June 24th - AVANGAR bench Kazakhstan fitch. [4]
5 June 25th - AVANGAR sign Kazakhstan AdreN. [5]
6 August 10th - OpTic Gaming replace Denmark refrezh with Denmark cajunb. [6]
7 August 21st - Fnatic bench Sweden Xizt and Sweden twist. [7]
8 September 3rd - Fnatic part ways with Sweden Jumpy and transition Sweden Samuelsson into being the team's coach. [8]
9 September 7th - Team Vitality bench France NBK-. [9]
10 September 11th - FaZe Clan part ways with Poland NEO. [10]
11 September 16th - Fnatic sign Sweden flusha and acquire Sweden Golden on loan from Cloud9. [11]
12 September 20th - Natus Vincere acquire Slovakia GuardiaN from FaZe Clan. [12]
13 September 25th - FaZe Clan acquire Brazil coldzera from MIBR. [13]
14 September 26th - Ninjas in Pyjamas part ways with Sweden GeT_RiGhT. [14]
15 September 26th - Latvia broky joins FaZe Clan on trial. [15]
16 September 27th - Ninjas in Pyjamas acquire Sweden twist from Fnatic. [16]
17 September 28th - Team Vitality sign France shox. [17]
18 October 11th - North acquire Denmark cajunb as a replacement for Denmark valde who is benched. Following this, OpTic Gaming's roster disbands due to being unable to find a new fifth as the organization is unwilling to invest resources into the team. [18] [19]

Challenger Teams[edit]

Virtus.pro1, 2
1Poland MICHU 
2Poland snatchie 
3Poland Snax 
4Poland Vegi 
5Poland phr 
CPoland kuben 
1Sweden djL
2Sweden Relaxa
3Sweden PlesseN
4Sweden freddieb
Se7en eSports10
1Kazakhstan Lack1
1Kazakhstan w1nt3r
2Kazakhstan smiley
3Kazakhstan hpp
4Belarus dERZKIY
CBelarus roman

For notes on the "Challenger Teams" Click here.

1 July 2nd - bench Poland OKOLICIOUZ and add Poland phr as a stand-in. [20]
2 September 10th - add Poland phr on a long-term basis. [21]
3 September 17th - Ambush Esport part ways with Denmark PR1mE. [22]
4 September 17th - Denmark siNde leaves Ambush Esport. [23]
5 September 26th - Complexity Gaming acquire Denmark blameF from Heroic. [24]
6 September 29th - Denmark Ryxxo leaves Ambush Esport. [25]
7 September 30th - Sweden djL leaves Japaleno to join Team GamerLegion. [26]
8 September 30th - Team Heretics sign France B1GGY as coach after a 3-month trial. [27]
9 October 6th - Team Heretics sign France kioShiMa and bench France jeyN. [28]
10 October 7th - Kazakhstan Lack1 is acquired by Winstrike Team. [29]
11 October 8th - Team Heretics replace France JiNKZ with France Lucky on the starting lineup. [30] [31]
12 October 8th - Ambush Esport add Denmark ckay, Denmark Fessor, and Denmark Jmoments on trial. [32]
13 October 11th - Heroic acquire Denmark cadiaN. [33]



Series Results[edit]

Additional Content[edit]


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