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Esports Integrity Commission

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[e][h]Esports Integrity Commission
Company Information
United Kingdom Shrewsbury
Australia Parramatta

The Esports Integrity Commission (formerly known as the Esports Integrity Coalition) (ESIC) is a British-Australian non-profit organization that deals with issues involving competitive integrity in esports. They work with tournament organizers, betting companies, game developers, and other esports stakeholders to develop a unified strategy to prevent, disrupt, investigate, and punish anti-competitive behavior in esports including matchfixing, cheating, doping, and other offenses that damage competitive integrity.

In Counter-Strike: Global Offensive they have notably investigated and issued sanctions against players and coaches for abusing the Coach bug in 2020, are currently investigating matchfixing in MDL, and sanctioned players in ESEA Season 35: Premier Division - Australia for betting offenses.

For a list of players currently and previously banned by ESIC see here.

Partnered Tournament Organizers[edit]

Organization Organization Location Join Year
ESL Germany Germany 2017
DreamHack Sweden Sweden 2017
Liga de Videojuegos Profesional Spain Spain 2017
NODWIN Gaming India India 2017
Eden Esports Malta Malta 2018
BLAST Denmark Denmark 2019
Allied Esports United States United States 2020
WePlay Esports Ukraine Ukraine 2020
UCC Russia Russia 2020
Relog Media Serbia Serbia 2021