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Flashpoint Season 2

[e][h]Flashpoint Season 2
League Information
B Site Inc.
Europe Europe
Prize Pool:
$1,000,000 USD
Start Date:
End Date:
Liquipedia Tier:
Dust II • Inferno • Nuke • Mirage • Overpass • Train • Vertigo


Broadcast Talent[edit]

  • Desk Host:
    • TBA
  • Interviewer:
    • TBA
  • Analyst:
    • TBA
  • Commentator:
    • TBA
  • Observer:
    • TBA


  • Format is TBA

Prize Pool[edit]

$1,000,000 USD are spread among the teams as seen below:


1United States floppy
2United Kingdom ALEX
3United Kingdom mezii
4Turkey woxic
5Denmark es3tag
CSerbia kassad
1 September 7th - Cloud9 announce their intentions to assemble a European lineup, signing Serbia kassad as the team's head coach. [1]
2 September 10th - Cloud9 acquire United Kingdom ALEX from Team Vitality. [2]
3 September 19th - Cloud9 acquire United Kingdom mezii from Team GamerLegion and Turkey woxic from mousesports. [3][4]
4 October 2nd - United States floppy transfers to Cloud9's new roster. [5][6]
5 October 25th - Cloud9 acquire Denmark es3tag from Astralis to finalize their roster. [7][8]
c0ntact Gaming
1Lithuania EspiranTo
2Finland ottoNd
3Denmark Snappi
4Israel Spinx
5Switzerland rigoN
CIreland NeiL_M
1 June 22nd - c0ntact Gaming sign Denmark Snappi. [9]
2 July 6th - c0ntact Gaming bench Serbia LETN1. [10]
3 August 24th - United Kingdom smooya and Israel Spinx join c0ntact Gaming on trial. [11]
4 October 15th - c0ntact Gaming part ways with United Kingdom smooya. [12]
5 October 17th - Serbia emi's contract expires and he leaves c0ntact Gaming. [13]
6 October 22nd - c0ntact Gaming sign Switzerland rigoN and promote Israel Spinx after successful completion of his trial. [14]
1Sweden f0rest
2Sweden friberg
3Norway hallzerk
4Norway H4RR3
5Sweden HEAP
CNorway vENdetta
1 September 16th - Dignitas bench Sweden GeT_RiGhT and Sweden Xizt. [15]
2 September 25th - Norway vENdetta is promoted to be the head coach of Dignitas as Sweden Fifflaren transitions to a managerial role within the organization. [16]
3 October 12th - Dignitas acquire Norway H4RR3 from Nordavind. [17]
4 October 13th - Dignitas sign Sweden HEAP. [18]
Team Envy
1United States Nifty
2Turkey Calyx
3Poland MICHU
4Germany LEGIJA
5United Kingdom Thomas
CPoland kuben
1 August 6th - Team Envy part ways with Canada moose and United States ryann as Germany LEGIJA transitions to a player position and Poland kuben is signed as the team's coach and manager. [19][20]
2 September 10th - Team Envy acquire United Kingdom Thomas from Endpoint. [21]
Gen.G Esports
1United States autimatic
2United States koosta
3Indonesia BnTeT
4 TBD 
5 TBD 
CAustralia Elmapuddy
1 September 11th - Canada daps steps down from Gen.G Esports' active lineup. [22]
2 October 7th - United States s0m retires from Counter-Strike: Global Offensive and leaves the team after being acquired by NRG Esports to play for their VALORANT team. [23]
MAD Lions
1Denmark acoR
2Denmark sjuush
3Denmark roeJ
4Denmark HooXi
5Denmark refrezh
CBrazil peacemaker
1 July 31st - Denmark Bubzkji is acquired by Astralis. [24]
2 August 5th - MAD Lions sign Poland innocent. [25]
3 September 26th - Poland innocent steps down from MAD Lions' active lineup. [26]
4 October 2nd - MAD Lions acquire Denmark HooXi and Denmark refrezh from x6tence. [27][28]
5 October 20th - Denmark AcilioN is acquired by Copenhagen Flames. [29][30]
1Brazil kNgV-
2Brazil trk
3Brazil LUCAS1
4Brazil leo_drk
5Brazil v$m
CBrazil cogu
1 May 19th - MIBR acquire Brazil trk from Team One as Argentina meyern is moved to the bench. [31][32]
2 August 31st - MIBR suspend Brazil dead pending an investigation following his ban from ESL and DreamHack. [33]
3 September 13th - MIBR bench Brazil fer and Brazil TACO and release Brazil dead while Brazil FalleN also requests to be benched from the lineup. [34][35]
4 October 21st - MIBR sign Brazil cogu as the team's head coach. [36]
1France NBK-
2Finland Aleksib
3Denmark valde
4Jordan ISSAA
5Poland mantuu


Phase 1[edit]

Phase 2[edit]

Phase 3[edit]


Additional Content[edit]


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Side Content[edit]


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