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Player Information
Nina Kovács
Years Active (Player):
2012 – 2017
Approx. Total Winnings:
2012-07-?? – 2014-02-14
2014-02-21 – 2014-??-??
2014-09-22 – 2015-01-19
2015-01-19 – 201?-??-??
2015-09-17 – 2016-03-24
2016-??-?? – 2017-10-30

Nina "Foxglove" Kovács (née Flatnes) is a retired Swedish professional Counter-Strike: Global Offensive player.


2017-10-161stA5QualifierOnlineWorld Electronic Sports GamesWorld Electronic Sports GamesWESG 2017 Europe Female: Scandinavia & Central EuropeTeam Norway FemaleTeam Norway Female2 : 0Pixel SistersPixel Sisters 
2016-11-251stA4C-TierOfflineESU Razer CS:GO Female Tournament 2016ESU Razer CS:GO Female Tournament 2016ESU Razer CS:GO Female Tournament 2016doyouevendoyoueven2 : 0Orbit FemaleOrbit Female$2,612
2016-09-111stA5QualifierOnlineElectronic Sports World CupElectronic Sports World CupeSports World Convention 2016 Women - European Qualifier 1doyouevendoyoueven2 : 0Property FemaleProperty Female 
2015-07-117th - 8thA3B-TierOfflineElectronic Sports World CupElectronic Sports World CupElectronic Sports World Cup 2015 WomenEpsilon eSports FemaleEpsilon eSports Female0/0/3Grp. S. 
2015-05-171stA5QualifierOnlineIzakTV Summer Cup Qualifier #1Epsilon eSports FemaleEpsilon eSports Female2 : 0ALSEN FemaleALSEN Female 
2015-04-045th - 8thA3B-TierOfflineCopenhagen GamesCopenhagen GamesCopenhagen Games 2015 Female TournamentEpsilon eSports FemaleEpsilon eSports Female0 : 23DMAX Female3DMAX Female 
2014-10-314thA3B-TierOfflineElectronic Sports World CupElectronic Sports World CupESWC 2014 FemaleReason Gaming FemaleReason Gaming Female0 : 2Bad Monkey GamingBad Monkey Gaming 
2014-04-195th - 8thA3B-TierOfflineCopenhagen GamesCopenhagen GamesCopenhagen Games 2014 - FemaleConcord GamingConcord Gaming1 : 2Imaginary Gaming FemaleImaginary Gaming Female 
2013-03-305th - 8thA3B-TierOfflineSENNHEISER Female CSGO 2013SENNHEISER Female CSGO 2013SENNHEISER Female CSGO 2013Epsilon eSports FemaleEpsilon eSports Female0 : 2DruidzDruidz 
2012-11-025th - 6thA2A-TierOfflineElectronic Sports World CupElectronic Sports World CupESWC 2012 WomenEpsilon eSports FemaleEpsilon eSports Female1/0/2Grp. S. 
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  • Became engaged to GuardiaN on November 2nd, 2016. [1] The couple were married on July 1st, 2017. [2]