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Game settings

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Global Offensive' Game Settings menu

This article details the options available in Counter-Strike: Global Offensive's game settings menu.


Enable Game Instructor Messages (gameinstructor_enable)
Toggle the real-time tutorial messages.
Max Acceptable Matchmaking Ping (mm_dedicated_search_maxping)
The matchmaking system will attempt to find games wherein the user's ping is at most this value.
Steam Notification Location (ui_steam_overlay_notification_position)
Changes the position of Steam overlay notifications.
Enable Developer Console (con_enable)
Enables or disables the console.

HUD options[edit]

Crosshair Style (cl_crosshairstyle)
Choose the style of the crosshair.
Crosshair Color (cl_crosshaircolor)
Choose the color of the crosshair. A custom color can be defined by setting this to 5 via the console (see the crosshair page for more info).
HUD Scale (hud_scaling)
Defines the overall scaling of the player's HUD.
HUD Color (cl_hud_color)
Defines the color of the player's HUD.
HUD Background Alpha (cl_hud_background_alpha)
Defines the transparency of the player's HUD.
Health/Ammo Style (cl_hud_healthammo_style)
Bomb Hud Position (cl_hud_bomb_under_radar)
Mini-Scoreboard Position
Mini-Scoreboard Style

Team options[edit]

Team Tag (cl_clanid)
Select a team tag to be displayed alongside the player's name in places such as the scoreboard and killfeed.
Display Team Tags in Death Notices (cl_show_clan_in_death_notice)
Hide the team tags mentioned above in killfeed messages.
Show Teammate Colors in Competitive (cl_teammate_colors_show)
Friends Lobby Default Permissions (lobby_default_access)

Spectator and scoreboard options[edit]

Spectator/Map Vote Number Selection Method
Scoreboard Mouse Enable
Smooth Spectator Camera
Smooth Spectator Camera Speed
Disable Caster Control On User Control
Follow Grenade Key (cl_spec_follow_grenade_key)

Item options[edit]

Switch Weapon on Pick Up (cl_autowepswitch)
Enable or disable the player's character automatically changing to a just picked up weapon.
Viewmodel Position (viewmodel_presetpos)
Always Show Inventory
Always shows the player's inventory on the right side of the screen (which would normally only be seen periodically after changing weapons).
Close Buy Menu After Purchase (closeonbuy)
Open Buy Menu With Use Key (cl_use_opens_buy_menu)

Radar options[edit]

Radar Hud Size (cL_hud_radar_scale)
Rotate the Radar (cl_radar_rotate)
Radar Map Zoom (cl_radar_scale)
Toggle Shape With Scoreboard (cl_radar_square_with_scoreboard)

Twitch.TV connection[edit]

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