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Gamers Club

[e][h]Gamers Club
Company Information
Professional Gaming League
Parent Company:
São Paulo, Brazil Brazil
Key People:
Gabriel 'FalleN' Toledo
Felipe 'WeRT' Pregnolatto
Yuri 'Fly' Uchiyama
Juliano 'memelo' Mirandolli
Liga Profissional
Liga Principal
Liga Amadora
Liga Feminina


Founded in 2015 with the intention to transform competitive online gaming into a professional sport, Gamers Club has been hosting both free and pay-to-play tournaments. The company is committed to the development of Brazilian esports scene. In May 2016, Gamers Club joined forces with Games Academy. Among the first changes of the merger, they highlighted the new league name, which is no longer called Liga Games Academy and became Liga Gamers Club. In addition, players started to sign the "Gamers Club Premium" subscription and the GA CS:GO classes before separate, became integrated into the package.


2020 Events[edit]

Event Date Winner Runner-Up
January 2020-01-24 to 2020-01-26 Agressive Neverest
February 2020-02-18 to 2020-02-21 UP FDP
March 2020-03-27 to 2020-03-29 ex-UP ASG
April 2020-04-17 to 2020-04-19 no org Neverest
May 2020-05-29 to 2020-06-07 Paquetá 9z
June 2020-06-19 to 2020-06-21 9z Cream.LA
Gamers Club Masters V 2020-07-30 to 2020-08-02 BOOM paiN
July 2020-07-15 to 2020-07-26 9z Rensga
August 2020-08- to 2020-08- TBD TBD
September 2020-09- to 2020-09- TBD TBD
October 2020-10- to 2020-10- TBD TBD
November 2020-11- to 2020-11- TBD TBD
December 2020-12- to 2020-12- TBD TBD

2019 Events[edit]

Event Date Winner Runner-Up
January 2019-01-14 to 2019-01-20 INTZ.A ex-Wild
February 2019-02-11 to 2019-02-19 DETONA W7M
March 2019-03-04 to 2019-03-13 DETONA W7M
April 2019-04-08 to 2019-04-14 DETONA W7M
May 2019-05-13 to 2019-05-20 paiN ex-Imp
June 2019-05-31 to 2019-06-11 Team Reapers W7M Gaming
GC Liga Profissional 1st semester 2019-01-14 to 2019-06-11 DETONA Gaming W7M Gaming
Gamers Club Masters III 2019-06-27 to 2019-06-30 paiN Gaming DETONA Gaming
July 2019-07-26 to 2019-07-28 Keyd Stars RED Canids
August 2019-08-23 to 2019-08-25 Santos e-Sports TRZ Gaming
September 2019-09-20 to 2019-09-21 Falkol e-Sports Alma Gaming
October 2019-10-18 to 2019-10-20 Itakera Gaming Team RUFUS
November 2019-11-22 to 2019-11-24 FURIA Academy Team RUFUS
December 2019-12-02 to 2019-12-04 Team RUFUS Santos e-Sports
GC Liga Profissional 2nd semester 2019-07-26 to 2019-12-04 Team RUFUS Falkol e-Sports
Gamers Club Masters IV 2019-12-12 to 2019-12-15 paiN Gaming DETONA Gaming

2018 Events[edit]

Event Date Winner Runner-Up
January 2018-01-09 to 2018-01-30 W7M Gaming FURIA Esports
February 2018-02-02 to 2018-02-27 Isurus Yeah Gaming
March 2018-03-06 to 2018-04-03 Yeah Gaming FURIA Esports
April 2018-04-10 to 2018-05-08 FURIA Esports C4 Gaming
May 2018-05-21 to 2018-05-30 FURIA Esports Yeah Gaming
June 2018-06-18 to 2018-06-24 Yeah Gaming W7M Gaming
July 2018-07-23 to 2018-07-29 Virtue Gaming C4 Gaming
August 2018-08-20 to 2018-08-28 DETONA Gaming Isurus
September 2018-09-24 to 2018-10-02 Team Wild Isurus
Gamers Club Masters 2018-10-19 to 2018-10-21 Team Wild W7M Gaming
October 2018-10-31 to 2018-11-15 Imperial e-Sports DETONA Gaming
November 2018-11-20 to 2018-11-25 Imperial e-Sports Team Wild
December 2018-12- to 2018-12-16 DETONA Gaming W7M Gaming
GC Liga Profissional 2018-05-21 to 2018-12-16 Team Wild DETONA Gaming
Event Date Winner Runner-Up
January TEAMMATE Yeah Gaming
February Bootkamp Gaming Team Wild
March Andes eSports dreamWorse
April Coscu Army Killuminati eSports
May Isurus W7M Gaming
June Virtue Gaming Bulldozer e-Sports
July DETONA Gaming FURIA Academy
August W7M Gaming Imperial e-Sports
September Yeah Gaming Evilvice e-Sports
October 2018-10-25 to 2018-11-20 NO ORG ex-INTZ
November 2018-11-22 to 2018-12-09 WePlayGames Hype Gaming
December 2018-12-12 to 2019-01-06 INTZ Academy NoOrg

2017 Events[edit]

Event Date Winner Runner-Up
January 2017-01-24 to 2017-02-10 Team One BD
February 2017-02-14 to 2017-03-09 Team One Ilha da Macacada
March 2017-03-14 to 2017-04-04 paiN Gaming Team One
April 2017-04-11 to 2017-05-04 paiN Gaming Team One
May 2017-05-09 to 2017-05-28 Team One Keyd Stars
June 2017-06-01 to 2017-07-02 Keyd Stars Avalanche GG
July 2017-07-03 to 2017-08-12 Team One Keyd Stars
Gamers Club Masters 2017-07-28 to 2017-07-30 Team One Avalanche GG
August 2017-08-01 to 2017-08-31 Team One FURIA Esports
September 2017-09-12 to 2017-09-28 Isurus FURIA Esports
October 2017-10-10 to 2017-10-26 Bootkamp Gaming FURIA Esports
November 2017-11-14 to 2017-11-30 INTZ Isurus
December 2017-12-12 to 2017-12-21 Isurus FURIA Esports

2016 Events[edit]

Event Date Winner Runner-Up
January 2016-01-14 to 2016-02-10 Team Alientech.BR g3nerationX
February 2016-02-13 to 2016-03-10 Keyd Stars g3nerationX
March 2016-03-12 to 2016-04-14 Big Gods Santos Dexterity
April 2016-04-15 to 2016-05-01 Team Innova CNB e-Sports Club
May 2016-05-19 to 2016-06-05 Team Innova Big Gods
June 2016-06-17 to 2016-07-13 Black Dragons e-Sports Team One
July 2016-07-16 to 2016-08-11 Black Dragons e-Sports ProGaming Esports
August 2016-08-13 to 2016-08-31 Remo Brave e-Sports Team One
September 2016-09-13 to 2016-10-02 ProGaming Esports rampageKillers
October 2016-10-17 to 2016-11-15 ProGaming Esports Team One
November 2016-11-19 to 2016-12-16 Black Dragons e-Sports DEMONIO
December 2016-12-16 to 2017-01-13 ProGaming Esports Mystical
Event Date Winner Runner-Up
April 2016-04-15 to 2016-05-01 Team Innova Pink No Fucking Idea
May 2016-05-14 to 2016-06-05 Don't Blink More Than You
June 2016-06-22 to 2016-07-01 More Than You ProGaming e-Sports.fe
July 2016-07-16 to 2016-07-31 More Than You ProGaming e-Sports.fe
August 2016-08-13 to 2016-08-27 More Than You ProGaming e-Sports.fe
September 2016-09-18 to 2016-10-01 More Than You Cube Team
October to December No dispute

2015 Events[edit]

Event Date Winner Runner-Up
October 2015-10-06 to 2015-11-08 g3nerationX Jayob e-Sports
November 2015-11-12 to 2015-11-29 g3nerationX Void Team
December 2015-12-12 to 2016-01-10 Games Academy Team Alientech.BR