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Ghost Gaming

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[e][h]Ghost Gaming
Team Information
Total Winnings:
: 2017-??-??

Ghost Gaming is a North American esports organization known for its Gears of War team. They also have lineups in Call of Duty, Rocket League, and PLAYERUNKNOWN'S BATTLEGROUNDS. They ventured into the CS:GO scene originally in April 2017 by acquiring Bee's Money Crew, who were already competing in the Esports Championship Series at the time - whilst also competing for a spot in ESL Pro League which they would successfully qualify for Season 6 over Rush.


Their original CS:GO lineup consisted of Matthew "Wardell" Bowman Yu, Connor "CoNnOrRr93" Glover, Jason "neptune" Tran, Sebastian "seb" Bucki, and Andrew "ShoT_UP Orlowski, with Phong "bee-1os-" Nguyên functioning as their coach. ShoT_UP was released shortly after the first month of their lineup joining the North American organization, due to failing to move to the team's gaming house, with bee-1os- returning to the starting lineup as their in-game leader. After a set of poor results, Ghost Gaming decided to pull the plug on all of their players except for Wardell, who they had kept under contract. The trio of bee-1os-, CoNnOrRr93, and neptune, would later return under the Bee's Money Crew banner, alongside other talents such as Dallas "Dallas" Micks (playing for RONIN at the time) and Joshua "steel" Nissan, whom would all play together at Fragadelphia 11, placing 3rd. After the events of Fragadelphia, Ghost Gaming would later reacquire Bee's Money Crew, though Wardell would be left out of the lineup, eventually joining Rogue's new North American team.

Ghost Gaming's second lineup would consist of seb, CoNnOrRr93, neptune, Ronnie "ryx" Bylicki, and Caio "zqk" Fonseca, reigning from Brazil. bee-1os- would also be present in the lineup as the team's coach once again, but was also seen standing in for neptune in ESL Pro League Season 6 due to age restrictions (requiring every player competing to be 16-years-old or older). Joshua "sancz" Ballenger would also be present as a backup, though he was never used in any games during his time in the organization. After a short while, Wardell would leave Rogue, after only a week, to rejoin Ghost Gaming in place of neptune, and Dallas would later join the starting lineup in zqk's place. Shortly before ROG Masters 2017 - Americas LAN, Dallas left Ghost, leaving former coach bee-1os- to take his spot. Two months later, the roster would shift again, as ryx was kicked from the squad and bee-1os- switched into a managerial role in order to attend college.

In the months leading up the beginning of ESL Pro League Season 7, Ghost Gaming would replenish their roster with the addition of Michael "MAiNLiNE" Jaber as coach and the additions of Yassine "Subroza" Taoufik and Tramaine "stan1ey" Stanley to the starting roster. Midway through the EPL season, CoNnOrRr93 was cut from the team, leaving Wardell and seb as the only remaining original members from the first Ghost Gaming squad. Following his departure, his spot was filled by former Rise Nation player Andy "vSa" Xu. In the weeks following the end of the EPL season, the team parted ways with MAiNLiNE and benched stan1ey after he expressed a desire to take a break from competitive CS:GO to return to the United Kingdom.

In June 2018, Ghost Gaming would massively overhaul their roster when they signed the 3-man core of Torqued, consisting of: Josh "steel" Nissan, Matt "Pollo" Wilson, and Kenneth "koosta" Suen. This change would see vSa and seb being benched and as a result of Torqued having qualified, Ghost Gaming would attend their first S-Tier level event: ESL One: Belo Horizonte 2018. A month later, Ghost Gaming would claim victory over Furia eSports at the ZOTAC Cup Masters 2018 - Americas tournament thus qualifying them for the international event. Pollo was soon released by Ghost. As a replacement, the team would look to German IGL Kevin "kRYSTAL" Amend on a loan from The Imperial. The inclusion of kRYSTAL saw a third AWPer playing for the team.


Player Roster[edit]


Former Squad
ID Name Join Date
Inactive Date Leave Date New Team
Canada Wardell Matthew Yu 2017-09-03 [7] 2019-06-11 [24] 2019-09-23 [25] Orgless
Canada steel Captain Joshua Nissan 2018-06-10 [17] 2019-06-11 [23] Ben's Anime Team
United States koosta Kenneth Suen 2018-06-10 [17] 2019-06-11 [23] Cloud9
United States neptune Jason Tran 2018-09-25 [21] 2019-06-11 [24] Swole Patrol
United States freakazoid Ryan Abadir 2019-01-18 [22] 2019-06-11 [24] eUnited
United States JamezIRL (Coach) James Macaulay 2018-06-10 [17] 2019-06-11 [23] Cloud9 (Coach)
Former Players
ID Name Join Date
Inactive Date Leave Date New Team
Canada Subroza Yassine Taoufik 2018-02-07 [13] 2019-01-18 [22] Swole Patrol
Germany kRYSTAL (Loan)
Kevin Amend 2018-08-13 [20] 2018-09-25 [21] The Imperial (Inactive)
United States Pollo Matt Wilson 2018-06-10 [17] 2018-07-28 [19] Team Envy (Stand-in)
United States seb Sebastian Bucki 2017-08-18 [5] 2018-06-10 [17] 2018-07-06 [18] Team BlackOut
Canada vSa Captain Andy Xu 2018-03-15 [14] 2018-06-10 [17] 2018-07-06 [18] Vision Gaming
United States MAiNLiNE (Coach) Michael Jaber 2018-01-08 [12] 2018-05-04 [16] The Pioneers
United Kingdom stan1ey Tramaine Stanley 2018-02-07 [13] 2018-04-27 [15] 2018-06-?? Orgles5
Canada CoNnOrRr93 Connor Glover 2017-08-18 [5] 2018-03-15 [14] The Pioneers
United States bee-1os- Phong Nguyên 2017-11-05 [9] 2017-11-30 [11] Ghost Gaming (Manager)
United States ryx Ronnie Bylicki 2017-08-18 [5] 2017-11-15 [10] Rogue
Canada Dallas Dallas Micks 2017-09-25 [8] 2017-11-05 [9] Say No More
United States bee-1os- (Coach) Phong Nguyên 2017-08-18 [5] 2017-11-05 [9] Ghost Gaming
Brazil zqk Caio Fonseca 2017-08-18 [5] 2017-09-25 [8] Merciless Gaming
United States neptune Jason Tran 2017-08-18 [5] 2017-09-?? Nitrious Gaming
United States sancz (Backup) Joshua Ballenger 2017-08-18 [5] 2017-09-03 [7] Ronin Esports
Canada Wardell Matthew Yu 2017-04-19 [1] 2017-07-21 [4] 2017-08-19 [6] Rogue

Former Squad
ID Name Join Date Leave Date New Team
United States seb Sebastian Bucki 2017-04-19 [1] 2017-07-21 [4] Bee's Money Crew
United States neptune Jason Tran 2017-04-19 [1] 2017-07-21 [4] Bee's Money Crew
Canada CoNnOrRr93 Connor Glover 2017-04-19 [1] 2017-07-21 [4] Bee's Money Crew
United States bee-1os- (Coach) Phong Nguyên 2017-04-19 [2] 2017-07-21 [4] Bee's Money Crew
Former Players
ID Name Join Date Leave Date New Team
United States ShoT_UP Andrew Orlowski 2017-04-19 [1] 2017-05-31 [3] Fly Guy Entertainment
Notable Temporary Stand-ins
ID Name Replacing ID Name Tournament(s)
Canada Dallas  
Dallas Micks
United States seb Sebastian Bucki CyberPowerPC Extreme Gaming Series - Spring 2017
DreamHack Valencia 2017 - NA Open Qualifier
ROG Masters 2017 - USA
United States wrath  
Collin McSweegan
CyberPowerPC Extreme Gaming Series - Spring 2017
United States Crondle  
Rahul Walia
United States bee-1os- Phong Nguyên ESL Pro League Season 5 - North America Relegation
United States mitch  
Mitch Semago
United States seb Sebastian Bucki Esports Championship Series Season 3 - North America
Canada DAVEY  
David Stafford
United States ShoT_UP Andrew Orlowski Esports Championship Series Season 3 - North America
United States sancz   Joshua Ballenger
United States seb Sebastian Bucki CEVO Season 12 Main - North America
United States bee-1os-  
Phong Nguyên
United States ShoT_UP Andrew Orlowski ESEA Season 24 Global Challenge



Former Organization
ID Name Position Join Date Leave Date New Organization
United States bee-1os- Phong Nguyên Manager 2017-11-30 [11] 2019-06-11 [24]
United States Crondle Rahul Walia Manager 2017-04-19 [2] 2017-07-21





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