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Links is the leading Counter-Strike coverage site in the world. With on-site coverage of all major tournaments, they feature HLTV, GOTV, stats, demos, news, results, rankings, videos, photos, and more.


HLTV Rating[edit]

HLTV Rating is the popular statistical performance metric developed by HLTV which serves as an indication of players' performance and has been an important feature within the Counter-Strike community since its introduction.

Rating 1.0[edit]

Rating 1.0 is the first version of rating system from HLTV which was introduced in 2010. [1] It was based on three components:
- KPR (Kills per round)
- DPR (Deaths per round)
- Impact (A value based on number of rounds with multiple kills)

Rating 2.0[edit]

Rating 2.0 is the updated rating system from HLTV which was first implemented in 2016 and officially introduced on June 14th, 2017. [2] Compared to Rating 1.0, Rating 2.0 includes more components, namely:
- ADR (Average damage per round)
- KAST (% of rounds with at least a kill, assist, survival or traded death)
- Impact Rating (Updated formula based on multi-kills, opening kills, 1onX wins and more)

HLTV Team Ranking[edit]

Introduced in October 2015, Team Ranking is HLTV's updated version of CS:GO ranking using a point-based system. [3]

Top 20 Players of the Year[edit]

Top 20 Players of the Year is HLTV's annual tradition of ranking the 20 best players of each year based on players' individual performances and accolades.

MVP Awards[edit]

Most Valuable Player (commonly abbreviated to MVP) is the award by HLTV to the best performer of an event who at the same time greatly contributed to his team's notable success and played well in the most important matches.


Exceptionally Valuable Player (commonly abbreviated to EVP) is a player who performed exceptionally throughout an event, standing out either by consistent high level displays or superb displays in big matches that led to his team's success.


Dust2 sites are outlets dedicated to news and coverage of a specific region that feed articles and information into HLTV. [4]



ID Name Position Join Date
Denmark Martin Martin Rosenbæk Co-Owner, CEO 2002-04-11 [5]
Denmark Nomad Per Lambæk Co-Owner, CTO 2002-04-11 [5]
Serbia Tgwri1s Petar Milovanović Co-Owner, CCO 2010-02-17
Czech Republic Striker Milan Švejda Editor-in-Chief [6] 2013-02-05 [7]
Croatia Professeur Zvonimir Burazin Head of Operations [6] 2016-08-15 [8]
Spain LucasAM Lucas Aznar Miles Senior Writer 2015-08-01 [9]
Canada Nohte Danish Allana Senior Writer 2019-07-08 [10]
United Kingdom King Dempz Arron Dempsey Writer 2021-08-05 [11]
Italy Marco Rizzo Marco Rizzo Writer 2021-08-16 [12]
United Kingdom NER0 Harry Richards Writer, Social Media Editor 2022-03-04 [13]
Slovenia Sumljiv_Model Writer 2022-03-21 [14]
Latvia Heccu Anastasija Tolmačeva Interviewer 2021-11-22 [15]
Croatia brcho Josip Brtan Photographer, Video Editor 2014-07-03
Poland MAKKU Radosław Makuch Photographer, Video Editor 2013-07-21
Venezuela djuhana Rama Djuhana Video Editor
Portugal proutounz Marcos Soares Video Editor
Ukraine EllanarkJesus Illja Chabelec Social Media Coordinator 2020-03-??
Bangladesh Zenith Salman Chowdhury Social Media Manager
Poland costa Bartłomiej Juda Junior Social Media Editor 2021-09-14 [16]
Spain Jonathan E. Head Forum Admin 2008-06-03


Former Organization
ID Name Position Join Date Leave Date New Organization
United States CarbonDogma Collin Davis Writer 2021-08-09 [17] 2022-07-31 [18]
Poland FILQ Filip Szatkowski Video Editor 2017-12-18 [19] 2022-04-11 [19]
United States Valkenn Ashlynn Brady Social Media Manager, Statistics 2019-06-13 [20] 2022-02-10 [21] X13X13 X13 (Analyst)
Australia Shhleebo Ashley Whyte Writer 2021-08-09 [22] 2021-11-13 [23]
Portugal MIRAA Luís Mira Editor 2012-09-02 2021-08-02 [6] DexertoDexerto Dexerto (Esports Editor)
Argentina Nickos Nicolás Pablo Sanabria Video Editor 2020-08-?? 2020-09-23 9z Team 9z Team
Brazil LeoBiazzi Leonardo Biazzi Journalist 2020-12-10 [24] 2021-??-??
United Kingdom Aleksei_L Aleksei Louchnikov Writer 2019-01-07 [25] 2020-04-07 [26]
Turkey BenjaCS Bünyamin Bektaş Writer 201?-??-?? 2019-07-10
Portugal ERROR João Ferreira Photographer 2010-04-05 2019-04-??
Bulgaria Molen Anton Koev Video Editor 2017-05-?? 2019-01-01 SK GamingSK Gaming SK Gaming (Video Editor)
Denmark Yossarian Lars Esmarch Writer 2018-05-01 2018-12-31
Ireland Tobin Nathan Tobin Video Editor 2014-08-?? 2017-07-?? The Imperial The Imperial (Video Editor)
Poland stich Michal Malachowski Writer 2014-10-?? 2016-10-??
Finland lurppis Tomi Kovanen Editor-in-Chief 2011-09-?? 2015-08-04 ENCE eSports ENCE eSports (Partner)
Denmark Nix0n Marc Winther Kristensen Event Coordinator 2004-??-?? 2012-11-?? DreamHack DreamHack (Project Manager)
Portugal eZlo Daniel Duque Writer 201?-??-?? 201?-??-??
United States martiicsgo Brandon Martin Writer 201?-??-?? 201?-??-??
Portugal MIRAA Luís Mira Editor 2009-05-12 2011-??-??
Germany STF Steffen Hampel Video Editor 201?-??-?? 201?-??-??
Denmark zonic Danny Sørensen Writer 2008-03-01 2008-07-01




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