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Player Information
Corey Hanes
Years Active (Player):
2004 – 2009
Approx. Total Winnings:
2004-??-?? – 2004-??-??
2005-??-?? – 2006-??-??
2006-04-14 – 2007-06-11
2007-06-11 – 2008-03-09
2008-05-22 – 2008-11-18
2008-12-14 – 2009-04-20

Corey "Hanes" Hanes is a retired American professional Counter-Strike: Source and Counter-Strike player.


2009-04-291stA-TierOnlineCounter-StrikeESEAESEAESEA Invite Finals Season 2Evil Geniuses2 : 0X3O Gaming$4,000
2009-03-069th - 10thS-TierOfflineCounter-StrikeIntel Extreme MastersIntel Extreme MastersIntel Extreme Masters IIIEvil Geniuses1/1/4Grp. S.$2,500
2007-10-273rdA-TierOnlineSourceCEVOCEVOCEVO Professional CS:Source Season 4Dallas Venom5 - 10Gravitas Gaming$1,500
2007-06-212ndA-TierOnlineSourceStride Xfire Cup 2007JaX Money Crew11 - 16Los Angeles Complexity$6,500
2006-12-208thS-TierOfflineCounter-StrikeCPLCPLCPL Winter 2006JaX Money Crew0 : 2Team Pentagram$2,000
2005-10-302ndA-TierOfflineCounter-StrikeCPLCPL2005 CPL ChileUnited50 : 2mibrmibr$2,000
2005-07-015th - 8thS-TierOfflineCounter-StrikeWEGWEGWEG 2005 S02GamerCompanyGamerCompany0/0/3Grp. S.$2,000
2005-03-204thS-TierOfflineCounter-StrikeWEGWEGWEG 2005 S01GamerCompanyGamerCompany0 : 2mousesports$7,000
2004-12-193rdS-TierOfflineCounter-StrikeCPLCPLCPL Winter 2004GamerCompanyGamerCompany13 - 16NoA$14,000
2004-08-013rdS-TierOfflineCounter-StrikeCPLCPLCPL Summer 2004rivalrival19 - 22SK GamingSK Gaming$14,000
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