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Random list of 100 inactive players/coaches/commentators etc.
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World Player Team Role Role 2

Sweden Schuster
Sweden feddan
South Korea HSK Awper In-game leader
Russia keshandr
Brazil spacca Broadcast analyst Commentator
Brazil LeoGOD Rifler
Sweden marvel
China JeXeN
Norway maak
Russia Art
United States Paradox
Finland REFLEX Support
Germany nky
Brazil hel In-game leader Lurker
Sweden darti Rifler
Germany MARCI
Hungary ZEN
Brazil lgzn Support
Norway ztk Rifler
Norway becker
China Jewelry Awper
Sweden Delpan Awper
Ukraine ANGE1 In-game leader Entry fragger
Switzerland rigoN Rifler
Thailand cbbk Rifler
Brazil will In-game leader
Argentina Nash
Germany J0hnny Awper Rifler
Sweden decent Rifler
Denmark Nille
Peru wArpAtH Awper
United Kingdom Whindanski
Thailand j9 Rifler Awper
Canada FNS In-game leader
China k1nchiNs Entry fragger
Ukraine Pancher
Germany Spotlight
Sweden Dumas Rifler
Canada rob-wiz
United States 4sh0t
Argentina Cukijas In-game leader
Norway REASTEN Rifler
Australia ARES
Sweden Ericip Rifler
Australia Kaotik Rifler
Germany hyde Awper Lurker
United Kingdom redSNK
Sweden igiebup Rifler
United Kingdom JT Rifler
Slovakia MonttY Rifler
Lebanon Jabz Rifler
Australia BASS
Montenegro Lobanjica Rifler
France Happy Lurker
Denmark maeVe
India forsaken Support
Ukraine markeloff Awper Entry fragger
Germany pAn Awper Observer
China karl
Poland dArk
Brazil ghx Rifler
Australia wizard In-game leader
Malaysia izzatR Lurker Awper
United States no_one Rifler
Georgia GIGA Rifler
Hong Kong MooNxskyb
Finland ociriz Rifler
Sweden atter Rifler
Denmark Dash
Thailand HSK Rifler
Sweden CleanUpGuy Awper
Denmark zaider
Finland Blasdfa
Sweden draken Awper
South Africa Nefan
Russia S3mig0d
Hong Kong Realx
Sweden Lunedi
Sweden tedderzy Awper
Ukraine nsww
Australia InfrequeNt Awper
Switzerland Freelance
Malaysia JRM Entry fragger Support
Russia BloodyElf
Serbia k1Ng0r Rifler
Russia Fox Awper In-game leader
Bulgaria psycho
Norway Philip
China forget Rifler
China KSA Rifler
Hungary DeadFox Rifler Awper
Sweden berg In-game leader
Germany suelo
United Kingdom Astroo In-game leader Awper
Belgium ScreaM Entry fragger
United States ryx Rifler
Denmark hiffer
Norway hk0n In-game leader
France Adlane Awper
Australia Lightstep In-game leader