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World Player Team Role Role 2

France ArK94
Germany z4pper
China 333ed2k Rifler
Denmark Friis Awper
Germany Gery
Germany mrtn Rifler
Brazil BIEL THE MAGICIAN Entry fragger
Serbia DJOXiC
United Kingdom JT Rifler
Ukraine krutoi
United Kingdom PEZ Support
Hong Kong MooNxskyb
Hong Kong Realx
Hong Kong Ming
Kyrgyzstan SNk
Germany Spotlight
USA minikerr
USA dizzywi Rifler
Thailand Pooh Awper
Canada APE
South Korea suN
Germany reamux
USA Slemmy In-game leader
Spain Aguila
USA steno In-game leader
Austria Schabi Support
South Korea Kyj
Argentina Polakls
Denmark zaider
Russia evil
Malaysia JRM Entry fragger Support
Colombia sam_A Awper
United Kingdom Whindanski
Singapore benkai Lurker
USA sLip
Germany gimpen Rifler
USA aKis Rifler
Argentina Cukijas In-game leader
USA Paradox
Estonia nuga
United Kingdom quiver
Germany kev1n
France Sf Rifler
Spain dracU Coach
Brazil rkz Coach
Belgium r0b
Germany oddo
Finland stonde Awper
China Drea3er Rifler Awper
Norway REAL
Germany approx Rifler
Chile L!nKz^ Awper
Sweden CleanUpGuy Awper
Sweden berg In-game leader
Sweden mrtn Rifler
Germany ceM
Brazil will In-game leader
Colombia sickLy Lurker In-game leader
Hong Kong Darkkis Rifler
Germany CHEF-KOCH In-game leader
Hong Kong krbl Awper
Brazil FATAL Entry fragger
Slovakia barb1 Rifler
Hong Kong ZKi
United Kingdom KritikaL
Argentina tomi Entry fragger
France Sephi
Germany impi
Poland kub
USA Anomaly Lurker
Germany TuGuX In-game leader
Brazil sprayman Rifler
Norway spity
Australia chuch
Thailand P1NG In-game leader
Denmark Dash
Denmark carnees
Sweden Delpan Awper
Spain Bady
Sweden Blote Rifler
USA lemz
Australia dizzy
Germany keev Awper
Denmark maeVe
South Korea Sound Rifler
Finland Blasdfa
Sweden atter Rifler
Hong Kong F0ray
Germany pAn
Sweden cype
Ukraine Andi Coach Analyst
Chile faos Coach
Hungary NOFEAR
Denmark DetlevSNitzEL
Germany Freestyle
Russia keshandr
India forsaken Support
Denmark Rejin Coach
Ireland CINDER