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For the Australian Global Offensive player, see INS.
[e][h] ins
Player Information
Oskar Holm
January 7, 1986 (1986-01-07) (age 33)
Years Active (Player):
2001 - 2009
Approx. Total Winnings:
Alternate IDs:
SekreterarN, InSane
2003-11-08 - 2004-04-10
2004-04-10 - 2004-05-09
2004 – 2004
2004-10-22 - 2004-??-??
2004-12-25 - 2005-04-03
2005-04-03 - 2005-06-13
2005-06-15 - 2007-01-17
2007-01-17 - 2009-01-19

Oskar "ins" Holm (born January 7, 1986) is a former Swedish professional Counter-Strike 1.6 player. He was most notably a player for Fnatic and before then, Ninjas in Pyjamas.


It all started when ins' brother showed him Counter-Strike way back. At this time ins played Starcraft and didn't like Counter-Strike players. But after some nagging, he started to play aim_map against his brother and quickly switched from Starcraft to Counter-Strike. After playing some public games at a server from Are3na, ins started to get to know a player named noble and got the opportunity to try-out in his clan. But after two of the members of the clan used aimbot all the time, noble and ins left the clan to instead create a 2on2-clan. But after some bad results, ins decided to take a break from Counter-Strike and instead hung out with his girlfriend. After a while ins got in contact with some of the players from the clan gcc and started to play with them, they also recruited his old classmate Harald "dampv" Eliasson. But after playing for gcc for a short while, the former player Henrik "Mezzo" Brusberg asked if ins and dampv wanted to join his new clan LANIA. This was the first time he got the opportunity to play good players and ins developed a lot as a player. The trio continued to play together in different constellations and by the end of 2004 they joined ins had a really good time in but the team struggled and had big problems in finding sponsors highly dependent on their manager Raw being dishonest. At this time ins left to join Fastlane with Ruben "get" Hellberg, Mikael "chea" Gustafsson, Jonny "JonnyD" Dömstedt and Richard "searcheR" Johansson. The first event for ins' new team was at Rixhack where they got a 4th place after being eliminated by Ninjas in Pyjamas in the loser's semifinal. After the success in Rixhack, Fastlane got the opportunity to go to Brazil to participate in CPL Brazil where they got a top 6 placing.

During the time in, ins played a lot of Clanbase and one of the players he played with was the Ninjas in Pyjamas player Emil "HeatoN" Christensen. At first HeatoN thought like everybody else playing Clanbase at the time, that ins was a cheater. But after proving him wrong, the two got to know each other. Right before Fastlane went to Brazil, the majority of the players in Ninjas in Pyjamas left to join SK Gaming. NiP now with only HeatoN and Potti left were three men short. They quickly recruited Dennis "walle" Wallenberg, but they were still two short for the upcoming ESWC qualifier. After impressing HeatoN on Clanbase, ins together with Marcus "zet" Sundstrom got the opportunity to represent Ninjas in Pyjamas at the qualifier. The new team manage to qualify for ESWC 2005. zet and ins later joined Ninjas in Pyjamas on a permanent basis. This was a big surprise in the Swedish scene with a top level team like Ninjas in Pyjamas picking up an inexperienced player like ins, especially at 19 years old. The time in Ninjas in Pyjamas was a success for ins and the team won almost every tournament they participated in. But nothing lasts forever and after a disappointing 7-8th placement at WSVG 2006 in New York, the team split up. After the tournament walle, Robert "RobbaN" Dahlström and Abdisamad "SpawN" Mohamed got a request to join SK Gaming , later RobbaN and SpawN joined SK Gaming while walle decided to stay in Ninjas in Pyjamas. When ins heard about this he felt stymied by his teammates and this led to him leaving Ninjas in Pyjamas to join Fnatic in early 2007.

In Fnatic ins replaced Kristoffer "Tentpole" Nordlund and joined forces with Patrik "cArn" Sättermon, Harley "dsn" Örwall, Oscar "Archi" Torgersen and the Swedish superstar Patrik "f0rest" Lindberg. It was a tough start for the new team and at their first tournament shgOpen 2007 they placed 5th-6th. But this didn't worry the "new" Fnatic and they won five straight tournaments later on. At the beginning of 2008, Fnatic continued the success from 2007 and won almost every tournament they participated in. But after winning KODE5 2008 Invitational, Fnatic started to struggle at bit. At ESWC 2008, Fnatic lost the semifinals against the South Korean team e-STRO. This was the start of a "semifinal" curse for Fnatic as they lost in the semifinals in four out of five tournaments. To get the self-confidence back Fnatic went to China to participate in IEF 2008. Fnatic were the big favorites to win and went through the group stage undefeated and in the semifinals the easily won against the Chinese team DF. In the final e-STRO awaited, the same team that eliminated Fnatic in ESWC 2008. But once again e-STRO were better than Fnatic and won the finals with 16-7. After this Fnatic decided to change in the team and picked up the young star Christopher "GeT_RiGhT" Alesund, and the 18 year old replaced ins. After the departure from Fnatic, ins hung up his mouse and ultimately retired.

After being away from Counter-Strike and esports for almost seven years, ins returned together with his former teammate SpawN as one of the coaches in the reality show GamerZ. The same year, ins founded the Talent Agency Overlord Talent Agency with talents like Ludvig "Brollan" Brolin and Adam "WolfY" Andersson in the agency.


Date Placement Tier Tournament Team Result Prize
2008-10-19 A11st A1Premier IEM III Global Challenge Montreal 2 : 0 $25,000
2008-07-27 A11st A1Premier WEG e-Stars 2008 16 - 3 $12,000
2008-02-23 A11st A1Premier NGL-One Season IV 2 : 1 $20,000
2007-10-21 A11st A1Premier IEM II Global Challenge Los Angeles 16 - 5 $25,000
2007-08-26 A11st A1Premier NGL-One Season III 2 : 0 $20,000
2007-08-12 A11st A1Premier WEG e-Stars 2007 2 : 0 $25,000
2006-10-22 A22nd A1Premier World Cyber Games 2006 1 : 2 $30,000
2006-09-29 A11st A1Premier KODE5 2006 16 - 8 $25,000
2006-08-27 A11st A1Premier NGL-One Season I 2 : 1 $25,495.2
2006-06-20 A11st A1Premier WSVG DreamHack Summer 2006 16 - 11 $12,500
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  • Before ins became a professional Counter-Strike-player he was a very promising golfer. When he was 15 years old he had the lowest handicap in Sweden in his cohort (1986).
  • The reason ins wears a red beret originates from when he was a golfer. After a long time of bad results on the golf course ins finally had a good round wearing a beret and after that, he wears it most of the time for good luck and for good looks.